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Part II: FourFourTwo Soccer (Football) Magazine Details "The Talent Myth" In Sports

Continued support for Matt’s inferences in Part I, his questioning of the perception that inborn talent is the master of success rather than “years of practice,” comes from a variety of places. He details a “ground-breaking investigation of British musicians,” top level players who learned at very similar rates of improvement as their lower level... Read more »

Part I: FourFourTwo Soccer (Football) Magazine Details "The Talent Myth" In Sports

For a long time now, probably since graduating high school, I have been a firm believer in the idea that high levels of success in sports are much more related to the amount of proper focus and effort one consistently brings to their training table, rather than the supposed inborn talent possessed. This would, of... Read more »

Former Chicago Bear Willie Gault Inspires Pasadena City College Athletes

To many Chicago Bear fans, the name Willie Gault sure does ring a bell. For those of you too young to know, Willie was a member of the 1985 Super Bowl Champion Bears. His speed at wide receiver was unquestionable, and no doubt since he was also considered a world-class track and field sprinter during... Read more »

Great Sports Training Segment On Tony Fiorino's "Let Them Play," AM 1230 WFAS In New York

This Sunday at 8:00 a.m. central standard time (9:00 a.m. eastern), there’s a great opportunity for all coaches and parents of athletes who play soccer. I would additionally include coaches and parents of any athlete who are concerned about proper training and injury prevention, since it is likely there will be a good deal of crossover... Read more »

Bill Brady, Vouchers, Charter Schools, and Recruiting High School Athletes: A Problem or Solution???

With the Illinois elections nearly upon us, it behooves us take a look at one likely change that a particular candidate would certainly bring to the table if elected. It is my understanding that Bill Brady is in favor of school vouchers and charter schools for Illinois. At the very least, he does support the... Read more »

Athletic Propulsion Labs' New Shoe, Concept 1, Barred For Use In NBA!!!

HGH, Steroids, and other performance-enhancing drugs and illegal practices aren’t enough, now we have a shoe company creating sneakers that artificially improve vertical jump while a player is wearing them. Wait, you say, this is not the first time a company has come out with an aid like this; the LZR Racer swimsuit by Speedo... Read more »

Freelance Writer and Contributor Patrick Hruby "Un-Vilifies" HGH Use, but Misses the Point

In a recent interview in ESPN’s The Magazine, an unnamed NFL player dubbed “Player X”–apparently an accomplished NFL athlete–lays claim to the idea that 40 percent of NFL athletes are using HGH to enhance their performance. As a statistic, this does seem a likely possibility, especially with the physical nature of football and with what... Read more »

RideClean Sponsored Cycling Team Registers With United States Cycling: Challenging The Status Quo!!!

According to, Team RideClean is looking to demonstrate that elite level athletes can compete at higher levels without the use of performance-enhancing drugs. This is a national organization that is looking to “clean up” sports competitions and send a clear message to athletes that there is a better way to compete. In the piece at... Read more »

Lakewood High School Brings New Code For 2010 Raising Expectations & Encouraging Excellence

According to an article on, New code elevates attitudes at Lakewood, Lakewood High School (in Lakewood, Washington) has adopted a new approach to sports participation at the school – and this new approach has made a difference. A group of proactive Lakewood coaches, along with their athletic director, met to revamp sports programs from... Read more »

One's True Reality Is Created Within!!!

If you choose to believe that someone is more talented than you, then guess what, they are, and that inevitably becomes YOUR REALITY!!! If you choose to believe that someone is smarter than you, then sure enough that becomes the “truth,” and in turn becomes YOUR REALITY as well!!! And if you choose to believe... Read more »