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Jaylin Fleming: The Nation's Finest 10-Year-Old Basketball Player - WOW!!!

In today’s Chicago Tribune, Anne Stein highlights the exceptional talents of a very young and rising basketball star (can you be a rising star at 10?) in her article The Best 10-Year-Old Basketball Player in America. On the current online version of this story, they have a video demonstrating Jaylin’s basketball prowess, along with comments... Read more »

Inspirational Sports Speaking Presentation: Achieving the Impossible

Ever wonder how certain athletes, certain people, are able to accomplish objectives (goals) through adverse conditions or circumstances that look, from the outside, to be insurmountable? I mean, how is it that people like Jim Abbott (former one-handed pitcher), Wilma Rudolph (polio survivor who was never expected to walk again, yet won 3 gold medals... Read more »

Great Youth Sports Websites

In my bid to become a published author, I spend a great deal of time surfing the internet. It is in doing so that I run across a plethora of sports and youth sports websites and blogs. Many of these sites have similar missions to what I am attempting to accomplish through my book, above,... Read more »

NCAA March Madness: Low Graduation Rates For Some - Why?

There has been a swirl of articles floating around on the internet pertaining to the Secretary of Education Arne Duncan’s statement that teams with a graduation rate below 40% should not be allowed in the NCAA tournament, something that the Chicago Sun-Times expanded on in its article, Low grad rate should bench NCAA teams, this... Read more »

Tim Tebow: Can He Make It In The NFL?

In perusing the internet looking for various sports stories of interest, I came across several conversations about Tim Tebow and what others think he can and can’t accomplish. This young quarterback from Florida is currently facing the daunting task of silencing his critics and becoming a premiere NFL quarterback, something I believe to be a... Read more »

MLB Union Opposed To Blood Test for HGH: Go Figure!!!

In today’s NY Daily News, it is reported that the World Anti-Doping Agency is encouraging Major League Baseball to take a stand and start testing for use of HGH (Human Growth Hormone), something the MLB players union has not been in favor of. Yea, what a surprise! The article World Anti-Doping Agency calls on Major... Read more »

Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, Alex Rodriguez, and the rest: Are They Truly Hall of Fame Material?

In this Sunday’s PARADE section of the Chicago Tribune, the article Do Steroid Users Have a Place in the Hall of Fame? raises a question that holds some heated debate within a variety of sports venues, something it will do for some time to come. even has an online poll, asked from a different... Read more »

A-Rod, McGwire, Bonds, Baseball, and Performance Enhancement: Where Do We Draw the Line? Part II - The Guidelines

Developing guidelines to address issues apparent in Part I of Performance Enhancement: Where Do We Draw the Line is certainly easier said than done; the complexities are obvious. What we truly need is a starting place; a beginning from which we (athletes, coaches, governing bodies, and society as a whole) can more easily determine the... Read more »

A-Rod, McGwire, Bonds, Baseball, and Performance Enhancement: Where Do We Draw the Line? Part I

In Bob Nightengale’s article Panel Part V: MLB must stay ahead of drug curve (USA Today), he infers that Major League Baseball needs to do much more to “stay ahead of the drug curve” if they are truly interested in keeping the sport clean. He reveals the USA Today’s eight-person committee’s suggestion “that MLB formulate a... Read more »

What We Truly Want to Teach and, in the End, Really Want "Them" to Learn

As a 30 year veteran in education, 17 years of those coaching, I believe there to be great intrinsic value gained through participation in competitive sports, that is, if an athlete holds the right attitudes and perspectives and puts forth his or her highest efforts. It is certainly a major focal point in my book and... Read more »