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Taking The "Im" Out of Impossible: A Matter of Connecting The "Dots"

It is in giving several inspirational presentations to high school athletes, and programs, that I have had the distinct opportunity to truly reflect on what allows a select few athletes to achieve greatness through adversity. This “special” ingredient is something that most certainly comes from within, permitting a competitor or a team to reach beyond... Read more »

A Time For Change

In the wake of Tiger Woods’ indiscretions, the airing of his apology, Mark McGwire’s recent coming clean about his steroid use, as well as a host of other poor character behavior, I can’t help but reflect on how this past decade has inevitably changed the view of many regarding the values taught through competitive sports... Read more »

The Tiger Woods Apology: Please, Enough is Enough!!!

Friday, February 19th at 10:00 a.m. Central Standard Time, Tiger Woods held a press conference to apologize to everyone. My question, Why? Seriously…, why is this news? Why does the media, or anyone else for that matter, continue to show such deep interest in a story like this? The amount of air time and attention... Read more »

Do Not Miss: "The Long Green Line"

I recently had the wonderful opportunity to watch the award winning film, The Long Green Line by LGL Productions. A colleague of mine, a fellow teacher and coach, strongly suggested that I see it. He felt the film would help support and confirm all the positive things sports should be encouraging in others. Now traditionally,... Read more »

The Benefits of Competitive Athletic Sports Participation in Today's Sports Climate

According to the National Council of Youth Sports (NCYS), there were over 40 million boys and girls participating in organized sports in 2008. With numbers like these, which continue to rise every year, it would certainly be of benefit to highlight the positives behind all this participation. This becomes especially important with the seemingly heavy... Read more »

If You Live To Be 100!!!

If you live to be 100 years old you will spend the first 50 years of your life doing many things. You will spend the next 50 years doing more things and reflecting on all of those things that you did in your first 50 years. Toward the end of those 100 years of fruitful... Read more »

A Definition of "True Success"

The willingness, perseverance, and commitment to go through a process that allows one to achieve personal, family, and/or group goals; the kind of goals that many view as impossible to accomplish. And to do so with solid character and integrity, the kind of character and integrity that beseeches one to do the right thing just... Read more »

Good Sportsmanship through Character - A MUST SEE!!!

In today’s sports environment where poor character choices (cheating, promiscuity, unsportsmanlike conduct, steroid and recreational drug use, etc.), even outright illegal behavior, have become commonplace, garnering a major chunk of media focus, it is gratifying to know that there are still some higher level athletes who truly do understand “what it’s all about.” Not that... Read more »

Texas Rangers' Josh Hamilton: Great Comeback Story ?????

It was in having a casual conversation on character (or lack thereof) and sports, possible endorsees for my forthcoming book, Becoming a True Champion (which certainly has a focus on character and integrity as a foundational principle), and the state of affairs with many high school, college and professional athletes today, that prompted an exchange regarding... Read more »