WTEVE and Bebop Heartthrob drop eerie new single "FADING"

WTEVE and Bebop Heartthrob drop eerie new single "FADING"

WTEVE and Bebop Heartthrob have quietly been making moves on the Soundcloud rap scene for years, but have always flown under the radar despite their unwavering consistency. With their new single, “FADING,” they sound sharper than ever, once again demonstrating why they deserve to be a household name within indie rap circles.

Heartthrob’s production is airy and lo-fi, with some ethereal guitar lines and off-kilter percussion creating a nocturnal atmosphere. Things intensify towards the middle of this track, with some heavy bass and psychedelic synth lines carrying WTEVE’s emotive delivery.

WTEVE’s vocal performance makes for a heartfelt, solitary affair. He matches the dark instrumentation with some self-deprecating, reflective lyrics, touching on loneliness and fatherhood from the lens of a man still struggling with the scars inflicted from past mistakes. If anything, “FADING” is a scathing self-critique from an artist who desperately wants to get out of his own head, but has no escape route.

“FADING” is a shining example of what happens when artist have a desire to paint with darker colors, and are allotted a canvas to do so. The pain is real here, both in the eerie production work and the sense of complete dejection in the lyrics. Despite having been together for so long now, WTEVE and Bebop Heartthrob continue to evolve together as a duo, reaching new heights with their newest release.


“FADING” is now available on Soundcloud. Stream it here: https://soundcloud.com/wtevebaker/fading-prod-bebop-heartthrob




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