Alex Banin Brings Cheerful Tone and Vulnerable Songwriting on "Nightmare"

Alex Banin Brings Cheerful Tone and Vulnerable Songwriting on "Nightmare"

Loop Theory artist Alex Banin is making her City of Wind debut tonight with her new single, “Nightmare.” Bubbly yet emotive, this fun pop tune meshes together a light-hearted tone with plenty of lyrical vulnerability.

Produced by Vlush, the instrumental is fun and carefree. The backdrop is rhythmic and colorful courtesy of the watery synths, and the layered percussion drives the feel forward steadily, adding a lot more life to the track.

Despite the contagiously happy vibe of the instrumental, Banin’s songwriting is dense and revealing. She is stricken with grief over watching a love interest love someone else, and she’s left to question what she doesn’t have. For Banin, heartbreak is a loop that she can’t pull herself out of; she finds herself right back at square one, with a directionless path standing in front of her.

On paper, the happy instrumental tone and heartbroken lyrics should be at odds with each other. However, despite the soul-baring, Banin comes through with a tune that will make the listener groove in a different type of way, while also being able to empathize with her broken spirit.

“Nightmare” is out now on all platforms.

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