Curt Summers Drops Some Poetic Bars on "Celebrity"

Curt Summers Drops Some Poetic Bars on "Celebrity"

I love when I have the opportunity to cover a brand new artist here on City of Wind. As a writer, it’s a breath of fresh air to be hit with something different, and it is always a true honor to use my platform to promote a brand new artist. Making their City of Wind debut on this frigid January evening is Curt Summers, with his heartfelt love jam “Celebrity.”

The instrumental here is soulful and grief-stricken. The female vocals are layered nicely, and add a ton of depth throughout. There are some twinkly pianos that pluck away underneath, and the guitar chords add a nice melodic touch as well. There’s a smokey saxophone solo towards the end of the track that ties everything up nicely.

Curt Summers gets busy on here. His bars walk a tightrope between poetic and emotive, weaving together the best of both worlds. He wears his heart on his sleeve, putting on full display his deep infatuation with a love interest. There isn’t a ton of wordplay on here; only bar after bar of Summers peeling back layer after layer of his feelings, and it feels like he will never run out.

I must admit that Curt Summers is an artist I have been sleeping on for awhile. However, “Celebrity” should serve as a wake up call for not only myself, but Chicago’s music scene at-large. With an instrumental that is deeply-layered and rich with musical elements, and an MC as passionate and eloquent as Curt Summers, “Celebrity” makes for an astounding listen.

“Celebrity” is now available on all platforms.


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