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Resist Trump and Take Care of Yourself

I wrote the title of this blog post while sitting in bed with my cat. It’s a Sunday, so I don’t have anything specific that I should be doing. I don’t have to be at work. There are chores, such as laundry, that I should attend to, but I’m very comfortable in my bed right... Read more »

Trying, Failing, and Trying Again

I had the most magnificent dream last night that I was still in college and, therefore, didn’t have time for a full-time job. I don’t remember exactly what happened in the dream, but I do remember one reassuring thought: “You can quit your job.” I felt free. I’ve been trying lately to focus on one... Read more »

Starting Over in 2017

I woke up with a burst of energy this morning. Of course, instead of getting ready for work, I used that energy to lounge on the couch with a cup of coffee in hand while I watched The Americans. I’ve spent the last few weeks binging three seasons of The Americans. Before that, I spent... Read more »

I Need to Prioritize my Mental Health to Fight the Alt-Right

It’s been hard to remember to take my medication for my mental health issues, especially with President-Elect Donald Trump and the alt-right on my mind. I had been hoping to never hear Trump’s name again after the election. But, it seems that the chaotic news cycle will continue for the next four years. I forgot... Read more »

I Need a Break from the Hot Takes on Twitter

I feel as though I’m walking through a tunnel that’s lined with people and everyone is shouting news about the election at me. Instead of finding my way out, I take my time. I try to hear each piece of new information, but it overwhelms me. I keep walking, slowly, staring at all of the... Read more »

Practicing Self-Care by Listening to Podcasts

When I hear about a new podcast, I get excited. I listened to this week’s episode of Startup while I was getting ready for work and I immediately felt wide awake as the host described a new show about genealogy, Twice Removed. Several of my family members have spent a lot of time investigating our... Read more »

An Interview with Writer Ashley C. Ford on Mental Health

Ashley C. Ford is a writer based in Brooklyn. She has written for BuzzFeed, Elle, and The Guardian, and often shares her insight on mental health on Twitter. She has also written beautifully about her life on her 5 Things blog. What inspired you to begin writing your 5 things posts? When I started 5... Read more »

Chicago Tribune Endorses Gary Johnson Without Considering Mental Health Care

This election is exhausting. I am so ready for November 9th. Of course, that future could include a President-elect Donald Trump, which terrifies me. I agree with the Chicago Tribune’s Editorial Board that Trump is “a man not fit to be president of the United States.” I would add that both third party candidates, Gary... Read more »

Celebrating Bi Visibility Day: An Interview with Jen Yockney on Bisexuality

Today is Bi Visibility Day, a day to celebrate the bisexual community. It is also Bisexual Awareness Week, co-founded by GLAAD, which “seeks to accelerate acceptance of the bi+ community.” I recently shared with family members and friends that I’m bisexual. I admire from afar (on Twitter) people who are open about being bisexual and... Read more »

Waiting for Change Now that I Feel Mentally Stable

When I’m bored, I fantasize about the future and the different career options that I could choose. This mainly involves perusing the websites of various graduate schools and imagining myself in that profession. I envision myself as a school librarian, a globetrotting journalist, or a YA fiction writer. I moved back home with my parents... Read more »