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I Just Don’t Care about Working Out

I Just Don’t Care about Working Out
I wait until the last minute to do anything and everything. I wrote a piece for a website that I greatly admire and it was actually accepted. I was so happy when it was published, but I still haven’t sent them an invoice for the piece. Maybe I think that I don’t deserve the money... Read more »

Trying, Failing, and Trying Again

I had the most magnificent dream last night that I was still in college and, therefore, didn’t have time for a full-time job. I don’t remember exactly what happened in the dream, but I do remember one reassuring thought: “You can quit your job.” I felt free. I’ve been trying lately to focus on one... Read more »

An Interview with Writer Ashley C. Ford on Mental Health

Ashley C. Ford is a writer based in Brooklyn. She has written for BuzzFeed, Elle, and The Guardian, and often shares her insight on mental health on Twitter. She has also written beautifully about her life on her 5 Things blog. What inspired you to begin writing your 5 things posts? When I started 5... Read more »

Relieving Anxiety at the Beverly Yoga Center

I recently took Mindfulness & Yoga for Anxiety – Part I, a yoga class at the Beverly Yoga Center that is designed to help people better understand their anxiety. Carly Carney, the owner of the Beverly Yoga Center, taught the class, which included a discussion on how anxiety manifests and an educational component. Carly answered... Read more »

Waiting for Change Now that I Feel Mentally Stable

When I’m bored, I fantasize about the future and the different career options that I could choose. This mainly involves perusing the websites of various graduate schools and imagining myself in that profession. I envision myself as a school librarian, a globetrotting journalist, or a YA fiction writer. I moved back home with my parents... Read more »

Why I’m Glad I’m Here to Celebrate My Birthday after Two Overdoses in a Year

Today is my birthday and also the beginning of National Suicide Prevention Week. It’s 5am and the house is quiet. My parents and brother are sound asleep while I type this in the dark. As I reflect on the past year, I realize that I’ve been through a lot, but I’m so happy that I’m... Read more »

My Journal about Managing my Mental Illness with Medication

I’ve struggled with anxiety and depression for ten years, and I’ve struggled with consistently taking medication for just as long. It isn’t that I suddenly start to feel better, think that I’m cured, and flush my meds down the toilet. The issue is that I often feel that I’m not getting better, so I give... Read more »

Transitioning to a Lower Level of Care for Mental Illness

Since June, I’ve been spending several mornings each week in group therapy sessions as part of an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) for anxiety and depression. On Friday, I was told that I would be discharged from IOP on Monday. I was uncertain if I would be ready to transition to a lower level of care... Read more »

Five Skills that Help Me Cope with Anxiety and Depression

Trigger warning: self-harm I binge on TV and podcasts to escape the constant voice of self-doubt that likes to intrude on my regular thoughts throughout the day. One show that I’ve been watching with regularity this summer is UnReal, which centers on Rachel, a producer for a Bachelor type show who struggles with mental health... Read more »