Vote, but also Take Care of Yourself on Election Day

We are on the verge of electing the first woman President of the United States. I feel empowered as I scroll through social media and see women in pantsuits, using the hashtag #lovetrumpshate. In the pictures, people are smiling with their “I Voted” stickers. I hope that the hateful rhetoric of the Trump campaign is... Read more »

When Depression Begins with a Story

Last night, I dreamt that I was on the run from the police. I murdered someone and then fled the scene of the crime. I ran and ran until I could no longer hide. I eventually returned to my house and was greeted by a police car in the driveway. The other night, I dreamt... Read more »

Revisiting a Short Story that I Wrote in College

I realized that I enjoyed writing fiction toward the end of college. I wrote a piece for class and submitted it to my college’s literary and artistic magazine, Orpheus. I like the piece because writing it made me realize that I was passionate about storytelling. The short story has a queer theme because the main character,... Read more »

I Need a Break from the Hot Takes on Twitter

I feel as though I’m walking through a tunnel that’s lined with people and everyone is shouting news about the election at me. Instead of finding my way out, I take my time. I try to hear each piece of new information, but it overwhelms me. I keep walking, slowly, staring at all of the... Read more »

Practicing Self-Care by Listening to Podcasts

When I hear about a new podcast, I get excited. I listened to this week’s episode of Startup while I was getting ready for work and I immediately felt wide awake as the host described a new show about genealogy, Twice Removed. Several of my family members have spent a lot of time investigating our... Read more »

I Found my Diary from 2001

While I was recently cleaning out boxes of random items that I’ve accumulated over the years, I found my diary from when I was thirteen-years-old. It’s marked “private” and dated 4-26-01. I was nervous to read it, but realized it would be more entertaining than continuing to clean. It starts off moodily enough. May 6th,... Read more »

An Interview with Writer Ashley C. Ford on Mental Health

Ashley C. Ford is a writer based in Brooklyn. She has written for BuzzFeed, Elle, and The Guardian, and often shares her insight on mental health on Twitter. She has also written beautifully about her life on her 5 Things blog. What inspired you to begin writing your 5 things posts? When I started 5... Read more »

Chicago Tribune Endorses Gary Johnson Without Considering Mental Health Care

This election is exhausting. I am so ready for November 9th. Of course, that future could include a President-elect Donald Trump, which terrifies me. I agree with the Chicago Tribune’s Editorial Board that Trump is “a man not fit to be president of the United States.” I would add that both third party candidates, Gary... Read more »

Relieving Anxiety at the Beverly Yoga Center

I recently took Mindfulness & Yoga for Anxiety – Part I, a yoga class at the Beverly Yoga Center that is designed to help people better understand their anxiety. Carly Carney, the owner of the Beverly Yoga Center, taught the class, which included a discussion on how anxiety manifests and an educational component. Carly answered... Read more »

This Election is Important, So Register to Vote

Today is National Voter Registration Day, a day to encourage Americans to register to vote. You can easily ensure that you can vote in the upcoming election by entering your information here. If you have the right to vote, then you should take the opportunity to register before it’s too late. I know from personal... Read more »