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Comedian Jesse Case on Managing Anxiety and Practicing Mindfulness

Jesse Case is a comedian who was diagnosed with Stage IV colon cancer at 29. After the diagnosis, he began recording a podcast about the experience of moving back home to Nashville to live with his parents and undergo treatment. He recently beat cancer and is planning a stand-up tour. He has continued his weekly... Read more »

An Interview with Writer Ashley C. Ford on Mental Health

Ashley C. Ford is a writer based in Brooklyn. She has written for BuzzFeed, Elle, and The Guardian, and often shares her insight on mental health on Twitter. She has also written beautifully about her life on her 5 Things blog. What inspired you to begin writing your 5 things posts? When I started 5... Read more »

Relieving Anxiety at the Beverly Yoga Center

I recently took Mindfulness & Yoga for Anxiety – Part I, a yoga class at the Beverly Yoga Center that is designed to help people better understand their anxiety. Carly Carney, the owner of the Beverly Yoga Center, taught the class, which included a discussion on how anxiety manifests and an educational component. Carly answered... Read more »

Celebrating Bi Visibility Day: An Interview with Jen Yockney on Bisexuality

Today is Bi Visibility Day, a day to celebrate the bisexual community. It is also Bisexual Awareness Week, co-founded by GLAAD, which “seeks to accelerate acceptance of the bi+ community.” I recently shared with family members and friends that I’m bisexual. I admire from afar (on Twitter) people who are open about being bisexual and... Read more »

An Interview with Writer and Comedian Sara Benincasa on Mental Health

Sara Benincasa, a comedian and author, has written five books, a fascinating short film about body positivity, and numerous articles, including “I Am So Not Sorry About My Vagina, And Other Apologies We Should Retract” and “Why Am I So Fat?” I reached out to ask her a few questions about writing and speaking openly... Read more »

An Interview with Comedian Sam Grittner

Sam Grittner, a writer and stand-up comedian, recently wrote a moving piece, “Dying to Live,” about life after a suicide attempt. I reached out to ask him a few questions about sharing his story and being in recovery. How did it feel to share your story online? Was the reaction what you expected it to... Read more »