ASMR Videos Help Me Forget that Trump is President

ASMR Videos Help Me Forget that Trump is President

Last week, I was challenged by my therapist to go for a walk every day. I failed miserably at that. I could blame the TV show that I recently became obsessed with, RuPaul’s Drag Race. I was distracted by the beauty and talent of the drag queens competing on the reality show. But, I also just didn’t feel like going for a walk. I didn’t feel like going to the gym either.

I knew that I would feel better after the walk. I would feel like I had been productive. I enjoy taking walks in the cemetery because it’s peaceful and I occasionally see deer.


I listen to an episode of a podcast as I stroll. It’s quite enjoyable. However, I skipped the cemetery this past weekend in favor of watching autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) videos. I scrolled through Twitter on Saturday morning and became enraged at Trump’s latest tweets. I’ve watched ASMR videos before to ease my anxiety, so I quickly went to YouTube and searched for a channel that I had recently discovered: Be calm with Becca.

Becca is a British woman who makes videos where she whispers, taps on objects, and sprays water bottles in order to relax the viewer. The sounds in the videos are supposed to trigger a tingling sensation.

Not everyone experiences ASMR, so the videos may seem strange, even sexual, to some people. For those who do experience ASMR, the videos can help you fall asleep or calm down.

The sound of the spray bottle in this video is so soothing to me that I kept returning to that part of the video. I immediately felt a tingling sensation at the back of my head.

I also like the sound of the scissors cutting the hair in this video. I don’t experience ASMR when I’m actually getting a haircut, but watching this pretend haircut relaxes me.

I don’t plan on dressing up as a fawn anytime soon, but it relaxed me to watch this fawn makeup tutorial. I barely wear any makeup because I never really learned how to properly apply it. But I enjoy watching other people put on their makeup. Perhaps that’s why I enjoy RuPaul’s Drag Race so much – the drag queens are frequently shown putting on their makeup.

Going for a walk is obviously better than watching YouTube videos. I do plan on walking on a daily basis, so that I at least reach 10,000 steps every day. I downloaded an ASMR podcast called Sleepy Tea Time that I can listen to on the go (even though the purpose of the podcast is to help you sleep).

I can briefly forget that Trump is president as I watch an ASMR video. Just as I can lose myself in the world of a good book or a fascinating TV show, I can escape from the world while a British woman pretends to apply my makeup.

Ok, enough procrastinating. I really should step away from YouTube and go for a walk now.

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