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Comedian Jesse Case on Managing Anxiety and Practicing Mindfulness

Jesse Case is a comedian who was diagnosed with Stage IV colon cancer at 29. After the diagnosis, he began recording a podcast about the experience of moving back home to Nashville to live with his parents and undergo treatment. He recently beat cancer and is planning a stand-up tour. He has continued his weekly... Read more »

I Need to Prioritize my Mental Health to Fight the Alt-Right

It’s been hard to remember to take my medication for my mental health issues, especially with President-Elect Donald Trump and the alt-right on my mind. I had been hoping to never hear Trump’s name again after the election. But, it seems that the chaotic news cycle will continue for the next four years. I forgot... Read more »

How I’ve Coped with the Outcome of the Election

The shock of Trump being elected President of the United States wore off last night and I finally cried. I cried because we didn’t break that highest glass ceiling and elect a woman. It would have been a wonderfully historic moment. I cried because Hillary Clinton is clearly competent and experienced, and she would have... Read more »

Vote, but also Take Care of Yourself on Election Day

We are on the verge of electing the first woman President of the United States. I feel empowered as I scroll through social media and see women in pantsuits, using the hashtag #lovetrumpshate. In the pictures, people are smiling with their “I Voted” stickers. I hope that the hateful rhetoric of the Trump campaign is... Read more »

When Depression Begins with a Story

Last night, I dreamt that I was on the run from the police. I murdered someone and then fled the scene of the crime. I ran and ran until I could no longer hide. I eventually returned to my house and was greeted by a police car in the driveway. The other night, I dreamt... Read more »