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Ten Great Tastes You Won't Find at the Taste of Chicago

Sushi leaving you with a fishy taste in your mouth? Why not give Frushi from Orange With A Peel a try! Made with fresh fruit with coconut rice, frushi is the perfect start to your breakfast and is vegan-friendly to boot!
Follow @RunningJayhawk to keep tabs on all That’s Awesome! I make it no secret among my friends just how much I detest the Taste of Chicago. While I think the concept is pretty cool, the thought of cramming tens of thousands of people in a small space as they gorge themselves on traditionally unhealthy, overpriced... Read more »

Celebrate International Bacon Day!

When River North hot spot, Xoco, launched their Mexican Soft Serve, ice cream lovers across the city became giddy with anticipation. Imagine their surprise to find an affordable gourmet dessert (less than $5) under the name of maple-pecan-bacon-streusel topped with salted caramel sauce...I like to call this "awesomeness with a spoon" for short. With a mouthful of a name, you know you'll get more than a mouthful in taste.
I’m going to come right out and say it…bacon is the new black.  We all should have something wonderful to celebrate today. And not just because this weekend we’re celebrating the Labor Day holiday. Did you know that today is International Bacon Day? It just so happens to be the first Saturday before Labor Day... Read more »