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Awesome Hits the Airwaves

Tomorrow morning be sure to tune into WGN Radio 720 at 9am to listen to yours talk about some awesome stuff–how’s that for festive ambiguity? Actually, we’ll likely discuss my paranormal investigation at Scutt Mansion, crazy fears and general Halloween happenings. You can listen online, on the radio or make me feel like an animal... Read more »

My Night Investigating Joliet's Haunted Scutt Mansion

To supplement digital video, investigators will often take a series of photos with flash in rapid succession of the same area of a room in an attempt to capture an unexplainable visual anomaly.
When things go bump in the night, more often than not you just ignore it. You chalk it up to the house settling, the cat moving around, or even your imagination. No, that random sound is not an evil clown in my closet waiting to jump out and gut me as I sleep! But what... Read more »