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Ten Great Tastes You Won't Find at the Taste of Chicago

Sushi leaving you with a fishy taste in your mouth? Why not give Frushi from Orange With A Peel a try! Made with fresh fruit with coconut rice, frushi is the perfect start to your breakfast and is vegan-friendly to boot!
Follow @RunningJayhawk to keep tabs on all That’s Awesome! I make it no secret among my friends just how much I detest the Taste of Chicago. While I think the concept is pretty cool, the thought of cramming tens of thousands of people in a small space as they gorge themselves on traditionally unhealthy, overpriced... Read more »

Cupcake Porn.

<i>Photo by Dawn Woodcox. </i>
Last night as the hubs and I were talking, I subtly mentioned that for our anniversary (which is Saturday), he should surprise me with some awesome cupcakes. I’m a chick with a notorious sweet tooth who can bake like a fiend, but have never actually succumbed to the temptation of the ever popular gourmet cupcake.... Read more »