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Want your own behind the scenes tour of a haunted house?

Last week I posted about my behind the scenes experience at Asylum Xperiment. And now, the epic haunted house is opening its doors to all of you for a one of a kind behind the scenes experience. If you’re anything like me and dread the thought of being in a haunted house…this tour is for... Read more »

My Night Investigating Joliet's Haunted Scutt Mansion

To supplement digital video, investigators will often take a series of photos with flash in rapid succession of the same area of a room in an attempt to capture an unexplainable visual anomaly.
When things go bump in the night, more often than not you just ignore it. You chalk it up to the house settling, the cat moving around, or even your imagination. No, that random sound is not an evil clown in my closet waiting to jump out and gut me as I sleep! But what... Read more »

A Hollywood Horror Show: Behind the Scenes at Asylum Xperiment

Creators Dave Link and Mike Skodacek are anxiously awaiting your arrival!
Earlier this week, I wrote about my behind the scenes experience at the Asylum Xperiment in Villa Park with a closeup of actor transformation in the makeup chair. Today, we continue that story as we move into the haunted house for a sneak peek at all the horror and terror that is awaiting your arrival.... Read more »

The Magic of Makeup: Behind the Scenes at Asylum Xperiment

In a very short amount of time, Danielle has been transformed into character perfect for a night of terror.
Every October, haunted houses pop up all over the Chicagoland area. And, if you’re anything like me, the most you see of the haunted houses is the inside of your eyelids because you’re walking through the place with your eyes tightly shut and your head buried deep in a friend’s shoulder.  And ya know…that’s a... Read more »