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Super Bowl Super Crimes

In 2008 the man behind the mascot, Kenneth Hahey, 24, was charged with a DUI after a routine stop. His blood alcohol level was well over the legal limit at .166. Clearly, Hahey was out of a job, but the Steely McBeam legend lives on.
Yesterday I read a rather alarming stat…since entering the NFL, nearly 35% of all players in the league have been arrested, as noted in the book Boys Gone Wild, by Professor of Sociology Eric Carter. But don’t go looking at it thinking you’re going to find a gaggle of half-naked hot co-ed men on spring... Read more »

Disgruntled thoughts from the Bears game

The initial sting of the Bear’s loss has finally worn off and after a bit of reflection, I have a few random musings I’d like to toss out into the universe… 1. When your quarterback breaks his vagina…tell him to take some Midol and man up. [Side note, I do hope it isn’t an MCL... Read more »

Awesome Anti-Packer Photochops

Some posts don’t need an introduction and are best left to the images to tell the story. This is one of those posts. GO BEARS!! Note: Some are real photos. Some are photochops. Some are cartoons created by very talented individuals. Some are shitty lil’ creations in paint. And others are Photoshop works of art.... Read more »