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Chicago Naked Bike Ride 2011

Follow @RunningJayhawk to keep tabs on all That’s Awesome! It’s [questionably] springtime here in Chicago and that can only mean one thing…our cycling friends are out in full force. Now normally you’d see some spandex-clad training along the lake, or hipsters on fixies zipping in and out of traffic throughout the loop. But on Saturday... Read more »

Mayhem at Chicago Cyclocross

Photo Courtesy of Emily Phillips
My sincerest apologies in the lack of awesomeness over here. Things have been a bit busy at work and with friends and with life…and well…it’s just been a wee bit overwhelming. And something had to give…mea culpa… Sadly, this weekend, the Cyclocross Season in Chicago came to a close. It was an exciting run, as it... Read more »

Pantless Thursday

How liberating would it be to stand pantless on stage in front of throngs of people? I'm a little bit jealous of Red Hot Chili Pepper's Anthony Kiedis and his balls (no pun intended) to stand on stage sporting no pants...only a sock.
In anticipation of this weekend’s totally awesome dodgeball extravaganza by Jockey…I’m deeming today Pantless Thursday. No, you cannot come over to my place with no pants and hang out, ya creep. I’m pretty geeked (and admittedly jealous since I’m out of town) for the attempt to break the world record for the largest game of... Read more »

Chicago's Paralympic Military Sports Camp

This week dozens of truly amazing and awesome individuals have made the journey to Chicago to experience an event like no other. A unique sports experience. And I’m not talking about the Chicago Triathlon. This week, Chicago is hosting a Paralympic Military Sports Camp, where veterans and active servicemen and women across the country join together... Read more »

Let's Get Naked! Scenes from the annual Chicago Naked Bike Ride.

Let's Get Naked! Scenes from the annual Chicago Naked Bike Ride.
Everyone loves a good naked person. It’s true. Earlier this week when some *nearly* naked pics of me were posted, an obscene amount of folks checked out my skin (thanks, by the way). So when I learned that Saturday night’s World Naked Bike Ride would be zipping by the BP gas station in my neighborhood,... Read more »

Getting Intimate - An Inside Look at an Intimate Moments Photo Shoot

Getting Intimate - An Inside Look at an Intimate Moments Photo Shoot
This past weekend, I had the privilege of experiencing something that every woman should have the opportunity to do at least once in their lifetime…a documentation of themselves as a sexy, beautiful and confident woman. Thanks to photographer extraordinaire, Rachael Michael of Metropolitan Imageworks, I was able to do just that. It was, in a single... Read more »

Random Act of Awesome: Wheel Werks of Crystal Lake Saves the Day

Yesterday I was up with the sun to head out to the boondocks–aka Union, IL–to take part in the Udder Century bike ride (have I mentioned I’m training for the Racine 70.3 triathlon? Because I am, I don’t just normally enjoy long bike rides for no reason). I had 62 miles on deck with a... Read more »

Awesome Things To Do This Memorial Day Weekend!

Mother Nature turned the heat on just in time for the long Memorial Day weekend. With beautiful weather on the docket, this great city of ours is practically bursting with awesomeness. Here are a few fun, affordable–and awesome–things to do and see over Memorial Day weekend. If you find yourself bored, that’s your own damn... Read more »