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Triathlons: They're not just for "Big Kids" anymore.

Need inspiration?
Earlier today, my husband and I witnessed what was arguably one of the most awesome things in a long time–a triathlon that will stay close to my heart for quite some time. Which is saying a lot considering how involved we are in the sport. In the wee hours of the morning, we headed down... Read more »

Sweet 16: Where To Watch the Games

Stop. Jimmer time! You might be hard pressed to find a bar full of BYU alum tossing back round after round, so your best bet is to hit up a place with a stupid amount of TV's like Joe's on Weed Street. Or perhaps your friendly neighborhood Mormon temple. Photo by Globe and Mail.
Well, we now have less than 1/4 of the field that we started with…which can only mean one thing. IT’S SWEET 16 TIME IN THE NCAA TOURNEY! And if you’re anything like me, you’re dying to watch the game with “Your People.” Or, in my case, my fellow Jayhawks. There’s nothing like tossing a few... Read more »

Celebrity College Sports Fans

Celebrity College Sports Fans
Keeping up with the weekly thematic of the March Madness, today I present to you…Celebrity College Sports fans! And we’ve got our list pulled together just in time for the highly anticipated second round of play. Because let’s be honest…it’s going to be ALL BASKETBALL! ALL DAY! So who’s cheering for your team during the... Read more »

NCAA Tournament Firsts

Josh Pastner, Memphis - Starting his career as an assistant coach at Arizona, Pastner joined the Memphis family in 2008 as an assistant coach under John Calipari. This week, Pastner will make his debut as a head coach in the NCAA tournament with the Memphis they take on his friends, the Arizona Wildcats.
It’s about to begin, my friends. We are counting down the hours until the NCAA Tournament officially begins today. I’m like a little kid who can’t sleep on Christmas Eve…that’s how excited I am! Sunday’s selection show came and went in the usual fanfare for the casa de awesome. It mostly involved me cheering for... Read more »

College Mascots: The Awesome and The Strange

College Mascots: The Awesome and The Strange
…or perhaps this post should be titled “College Mascots: The Strangely Awesome.” It is officially THE MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR!!! I live for the time of year when College Basketball reigns supreme.  The hardwood. The heart. The drama. Have you guys actually been watching all of the conference tournament games?! It’s been nothing... Read more »

Super Bowl Super Crimes

In 2008 the man behind the mascot, Kenneth Hahey, 24, was charged with a DUI after a routine stop. His blood alcohol level was well over the legal limit at .166. Clearly, Hahey was out of a job, but the Steely McBeam legend lives on.
Yesterday I read a rather alarming stat…since entering the NFL, nearly 35% of all players in the league have been arrested, as noted in the book Boys Gone Wild, by Professor of Sociology Eric Carter. But don’t go looking at it thinking you’re going to find a gaggle of half-naked hot co-ed men on spring... Read more »

Disgruntled thoughts from the Bears game

The initial sting of the Bear’s loss has finally worn off and after a bit of reflection, I have a few random musings I’d like to toss out into the universe… 1. When your quarterback breaks his vagina…tell him to take some Midol and man up. [Side note, I do hope it isn’t an MCL... Read more »

Awesome Anti-Packer Photochops

Some posts don’t need an introduction and are best left to the images to tell the story. This is one of those posts. GO BEARS!! Note: Some are real photos. Some are photochops. Some are cartoons created by very talented individuals. Some are shitty lil’ creations in paint. And others are Photoshop works of art.... Read more »

Mayhem at Chicago Cyclocross

Photo Courtesy of Emily Phillips
My sincerest apologies in the lack of awesomeness over here. Things have been a bit busy at work and with friends and with life…and well…it’s just been a wee bit overwhelming. And something had to give…mea culpa… Sadly, this weekend, the Cyclocross Season in Chicago came to a close. It was an exciting run, as it... Read more »

Awesome Scenes from the Chicago Marathon

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that yesterday was the 33rd running of the Chicago Marathon. The day was full of sweat, sunshine, heat, determination and plenty of grit. Of the past four years, three of them have been unseasonably hot…and yesterday was no exception.  While many didn’t have the race they were hoping... Read more »