About Me

Hello and welcome to That's Awesome! A growing collection of all the awesome things there are in this fantasmical city of ours.

I'm Barb (also coined as "Crazy Barb" and "Amazing Barb" to a few folks around these parts) and you can think of me as your purveyor of all things awesome. As this blog evolves and grows, I hope for it to become an encyclopedia of sorts--your resource for randomly fun things to do, see and experience.

I don't particularly enjoy talking about myself...so I'm going to try and keep this short and sweet...when I'm not off experiencing awesome things or blogging about the aforementioned awesomeness, I enjoy running really far, doing triathlons, collecting vinyl records, reading, creative writing, listening to music, trying new things, drinking beer with friends, and watching Kansas basketball. Somewhere some Illini fan just blacklisted me as they're still bitter about the great coach scramble of 2003--go blame Dean Smith and get over it! I'm inherently happy. I'm not a girly girl. I have a knack for tripping over flat surfaces. I often make up my own adjectives when words fail to capture the true essence of something. And someone once told me I have a penchant for finding the little unnoticed things and bringing them to life through written word.

Oh yeah...my mom thinks I'm pretty awesome.

I'm always on the prowl for awesome stuff...so if you're privy to such awesome information, feel free to share the love by dropping me an email. And you can also stalk me on twitter.

Stay awesome, friends!

Cheers! -Barb