The Game: intentionally ambiguous, intriguingly awesome

Exploring Chicago has never been as entertaining or as fun until now. No trolleys or boats or ridiculous fees required. And it’s perfect for both locals and tourists alike…without having to deal with unrelenting crowds and snooze-worthy tour guides.

I’m talking about The Game, which launches TODAY here in Chicago.

No, not the bizarre Michael Douglas flick from the 90’s that people hate to admit they love. But rather a mobile, on-the-ground, interactive experience to help you discover Chicago. Think of it as one part urban adventure race. One part trivia night extraordinaire. One part scavenger hunt. All parts awesome.

Playing The Game seems to be pretty straightforward. After you buy your ticket on the Stray Boots website, you head to the designated start location and activate a code on your mobile phone. Text messages will be sent to your cell phone where you’ll need to solve riddles, answer trivia, capture photos and tackle challenges throughout your journey. The best part? You can play by yourself, with a friend or in a group and take as much time as you need to. Your Game can last as long as you like to fit what’s going on in your life. So no worries if you get distracted at your favorite watering hole in between challenges, stumble across free Cubs tickets or see a pretty girl and derail for a bit.

The Game is currently available for play in Chicago, Boston, Las Vegas, NYC, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, San Francisco and Washington D.C. And, as always, standard text messaging rates apply. And if you’re looking for a more tailored experience, or perhaps large scale iteration, the brainchild behind The Game, Stray Boots, also offers The Game for corporate programs, student groups, tour groups, as well as private events like birthday and bachelorette parties.

Admittedly, this is all a bit of a mystery to me, but seems like a fun, unique concept for a day out on the town with my other half. I’m all registered and scheduled to experience The Game first hand as part of the launch, so be sure to check back soon for more details on my experience and for your chance to win a free ticket to play Chicago: The Game.

Stay awesome, kids.

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