Tragically Awesome Shoes - 2011 Fall Fashion

In today’s edition of Tragically Awesome, we are taking a look at the ever-popular deliciously guilty pleasure of shoes. Well, popular guilty pleasure for most women…myself not included. I would be quite content wearing my flip flops and running shoes from now until eternity.

But as all of the fall 2011 designer fashions have been released, there are quite a few doozies in the mix. What possess someone to design a shoe that can double as a weapon? And I know I’m not the only one who doesn’t want to be exposed to fashion faux-pas like splatter paint and socks with sandals while walking the streets of Michigan Avenue in October. But it looks like we’re all in store for a bit of ridiculousness…take a look and see what I mean…because the selection you are about to see will stop you dead in your tracks and make you ask “what the hell were they thinking?!”

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