No Power? No Problem! Things to do when the lights go out.

In light of all of the recent crazy storms, odds are you’ve probably found yourself sitting in the dark, stressing over all those fresh groceries in the fridge at least once over the past few weeks. And with more strong storms and hot weather on the horizon, we’re bound for another epic deluge and a few days in darkness.

And you just finished cleaning up that flooded basement. Lucky you.

So as a preventative measure for your boredom for the next round of storms, here’s a few fun things to do in the dark. Of course you’ll probably want to go ahead and print this list off because odds are you won’t be able to access it in the near future.

Of course there’s the whole make no-bake cookies. Tell ghost stories. Journal. Write a song. But let’s get a little more old school…shall we?

Brush the dust off the spine and read a book. You remember books, right? Those things with loads of pages and words all over them that you can read for entertainment? Yes. They still exist outside the realm of your Kindle, Nook and iPad. And frankly, they’re feeling a little neglected these days. So try curling up with one by candlelight or even under your covers with a flashlight akin to the good ole days when you used you read your dad’s inappropriate magazines when they thought you were in bed.

Try your hand at blind sketching. All you need is a pencil, some paper and your imagination. In the dark, draw a picture. And when the lights come on either laugh at your creation or marvel at your inner artiste!

Make s’mores over a big fat giant 3-wick candle with a kabob skewer. [Don’t mock it till you try it.]

Head outdoors, look up to the skies and see if you’re able to actually spot some stars. I don’t know about you, but close to the loop I have never successfully seen any stars at night because of all the damn lights out here. So when mother nature turns off the lights, try to check out the ones she actually turns on.

Grab a friend and create your own electricity between the sheets.

Charge your cell phone. Yes. You read that right. If the power is out you can still charge your cell phone. All you need is the handy dandy Hatsuden-Nabe pot manufactured by TES NewEnergyCorporation. The pot, which can be used over an open flame, converts the heat that is normally wasted energy into power that moves through a USB port to charge basic small electronics. So within 3-5 hours, your smart phone can be charged and ready to roll…

…just be sure to make yourself soup or something in the process. No sense in letting a flame go to waste.

Have fun in the dark, friends!

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