Ten Great Tastes You Won't Find at the Taste of Chicago

I make it no secret among my friends just how much I detest the Taste of Chicago. While I think the concept is pretty cool, the thought of cramming tens of thousands of people in a small space as they gorge themselves on traditionally unhealthy, overpriced food in the sweltering Chicago heat is anything but appetizing. In fact I’m pretty sure I’d volunteer myself to have four root canals done without anesthesia by an intoxicated, underage oral surgeon [like Doogie Howser, MD!] to avoid making an appearance in Grant Park.

Besides, I tend to think that some of Chicago’s best tastes aren’t found down at this annual event. So rather than schlep out with the masses, here’s a few options for you with a look at 10 great Chicago tastes that you won’t find at the Taste of Chicago…

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  • I'm pretty sure Suzies is on Montrose just West of Elston, not on Irving Park.

  • In reply to brades34:

    You are absolutely correct. I lived down the block from there. Would go to Golfo's for my gyro and walk across the street to Suzies for a Baboon.

  • I became convinced that Taste fits the old military joke about having to wear brown pants.

    The Pizza Pot Pie sounds interesting, but I'm sure that Art Smith and Rick Bayliss do not have to commingle with the proletariat at Taste to get out the word about their food, which is why they are not there.

  • the best part about Art Smith (and his goat cheese biscuits is that he's shared the recipe! (Knowing full well there's something extra he does bc I've tried duplicating them and just cant get it right!)

    And Mercadito has the best mahi-mahi fish tacos anywhere (sorry SoCal..that's you too!) and I've tried them everywhere my stomach and feet have lead.

    Hands down, you want an experience to end the craving and start an obsession, they are it!

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