Happy Global Planking Day

In case you didn’t get the memo…people are weird. And apparently there is a new trend–Planking–gaining momentum and today just so happens to be Global Planking Day.

Planking is exactly as how it sounds. You replicate a plank. Lie down, stiff as a board, with your toes pointed and arms straight at your sides. The complexity [and fun?] of the act comes down to where you plank. And from the looks of it, people are starting to push the planking envelope. 

One absurdity. One part dangerous. All parts bizarre.

Seriously, what ever happened
to the good old days of sniffing glue and huffing aerosol cans?

With questionable origins, planking is also known as the “laying down
game” where you recruit folks to simply lay down in strange public
places to draw attention to themselves. But in recent months, it has
started taking a dangerous turn to appease adrenaline junkies. Photos
of people planking on roofs, balconies, moving vehicles, public monuments, top of police cars, in the middle
of streets and even in fire have been surfacing all across the
interwebs. Although most participants seem to play in the harmless and hilarious arena when it comes to planking.

I guess in less conventional ways, I am indeed a fan of planking…and
sometimes even practice it. You know…when I lay out on my stomach and
try to get a tan on my back or heck, even when I’m sleeping. And I’m
pretty sure I planked on the floor once or twice back in college after
a night of heavy drinking. In fact, we’re all guilty of planking at some point in time.

while you’re on your way home from work today, if you see some hipster
or a goofy college kid laying flat over a mailbox, no need to be alarmed…it’s just Global Planking Day.
Unless, of course, they’re laying across the the El tracks. Then you’ll
probably want to alert the proper authorities. Because planking is all
fun and games until somebody gets hurt. And people do get hurt…and in
this case last week, even die while planking.So be sure to practice safe planking, campers!

And while
you’re out and about today, if you’re so lucky to witness any planking
on Global Planking Day, be sure to capture a photo and send it my way so we ensure that Chicago’s crazy planking pics can be represented in the slideshow.


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  • This is not a new trend. It's just the beginning of a cock push-up which has been around for centuries.

  • That's just...stupid.

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