Chiditarod 2011 Takes Over Chicago

This weekend, Chiditarod–the infamous urban iditarod of epic awesomeness–took over the streets and sidewalks of Chicago with the mission to feed the hungry.

Now if you’re unfamiliar with this ridiculously radtacular event, let me break it down for you. Imagine the Alaskan iditarod…but with shopping carts full of canned food for donations [a minimum of 42 pounds of food is required at the finish per team]. Now decorate the cart and yourselves with the craziest theme of you can imagine. Then run said cart and team around Chicago on a pub crawl doing fantastical challenges at each of your required 20-minute stops, while dishing bribes to judges/time keepers and sabotaging other teams. It truly is the best thing that has happened to shopping cart racing since Supermarket Sweep.

Sound awesome? That’s because it is.

And this year’s event didn’t disappoint. The 6th annual Chiditarod brought out 150 teams of 5 and more than 100 volunteers. Together, more than $14,000 was raised to help feed Chicago’s hungry while collecting more than 10,000 pounds of food for the Chicago Anti-Hunger Federation to help keep food banks full.

Last year, 4 friends and I raced as The Holy Rollers taking home the honor of being the most appropriate inappropriate team. This year, I wanted to experience the other side of things and enlisted myself in the Chiditarod Brigade of Awesomeness as a volunteer.

My post? Darkroom. My job? Check out teams at the respective stop. Bribes accepted? Too many to count…but included everything from underwear, to dynamite sticks, to drinks, to shots, to culinary treats to a myriad of dances. But rather than trying to tell you about how sickly awesome the day was…why not take a look at the endless mayhem of Chiditarod for yourself…

Still can’t wrap your head around the mayhem? Check out this fun video of the starting line by YouTube user philamonjaro.

Special thanks to all of the coreganizers for pulling together another truly epic event that couldn’t be swayed by rain, wind, cold and snow. To the racers who came out in droves and great spirits. And of course, huge thanks to all of the area watering holes who donated their time and staff to helping bring the race to life–Cobra Lounge, Happy Village, Innertown Pub, The Flat Iron, Five Star Lounge, Darkroom, Twisted Spoke, Nick’s Beergarden, Club Lucky, Phyllis’ Musical Inn, Mahoney’s and Bottom Lounge. We couldn’t have done it without your help.

And on behalf of everyone involved in Chiditarod, we hope to see all of you out there next year.

Keep it awesome, campers…




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  • You know al-Qaeda is winning when Americans can't feed the hungry without dressing up as a transvestite rabbit with a bikini while intoxicated.

  • Thanks for posting our video. We appreciate you sharing it with your readers. You put the awesome back in awesome!


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