In the Pursuit of All Things Awesome...

‘Round these parts, we’re always looking for awesome stuff. But me, myself, and I (okay…and my husband and friends), can’t always stay on top of everything awesome going on around Chicago, the world and the interwebs.

So I’d like to invite you, fellow readers, to let us know if you’ve encountered something awesome. Odds are, if you think it’s awesome…someone else will too. It could be a new recipe you’ve concocted. An off the beaten path experience in Chicago (Spacetime Tanks, anyone?). A truly awesome act of kindness you witnessed. Heck…if you offer a service and you truly think it’s awesome and want our readers to know about it (or even offer ChicagoNow readers a discount!?), that’s perfect too! Or, better yet…if you’ve experienced something truly awesome and want to write about it for ChicagoNow, let me know.

But we won’t know about it unless you tell us. So…speak up!

Leave a comment or shoot an email to to let us know what’s on your mind!

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

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