Let's Get Naked! Scenes from the annual Chicago Naked Bike Ride.


Everyone loves a good naked person. It’s true. Earlier this week when some *nearly* naked pics of me were posted, an obscene amount of folks checked out my skin (thanks, by the way). So when I learned that Saturday night’s World Naked Bike Ride would be zipping by the BP gas station in my neighborhood, I knew I had to check it out, take some photos and share it with all you pervs fine folks who enjoy ogling at nekkid folks just as much as I do (okay, I don’t necessarily enjoy it, but I do find it massively amusing). 

But let’s be honest…a naked person on a bike is a pretty fascinating thing to see. 
And if we’re being really honest…a gaggle of naked people on bikes is just epically awesome. And raises so many questions…how are they not getting their jiggly bits caught in the bike? doesn’t that hurt?! is it really that chilly out tonight?! (Yes. Yes it was.)  

More after the jump with a selection of photos taken from the Naked Ride…no worries, I’ve taken the liberty to do some creative editing, however if you’re easily offended or the sight of someone’s backside makes you uncomfortable, you may want to go spend some time over here
Saturday night’s World Naked Ride (the Chicago Edition) was a peaceful demonstration to show “the worlds furious outrage over oil’s constant heinous ecological crimes” while celebrating “freedom from oil, and beauty of people.” Passing by multiple BP gas stations throughout the downtown area, riders spread the message of “less gas more ass,” “nude not crude,” “burns fat not oil,” and “naked is how vulnerable I am sharing the road with cars.” And for the duration of the evening BP didn’t stand for “British Petroleum” but rather Bike Powered.
We witnessed many exceptional creative uses of electrical tape, stickers, body paint, tube socks, under-roos, and household piping. Some sported only paint and came as a Smurf, bumble bee, and even a character from Avatar. And the rest? Well…they came to the ride exactly as they came into this world…stark ass nekkid. Awesome. And bold. (And I may or may not be slightly scarred after witnessing such charades.)
But my hats off (or perhaps pants off is most appropriate?) to everyone bold enough to brave the crisp and chilly night to take a stand and show Chicago the power of our own two legs. Perhaps one of these years I’ll muster up the courage to join you in the charge. 
Ever done anything fun or scandalous while being naked in public? Confess it for the June edition of your awesome confessions. 


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  • I'm finally mentioned on a news site! I'm going to have a fun time explaining to my mom about riding my bicycle 800 miles to ride 20 of them as naked Avatar. No mom you don't understand we're saving the environment.

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