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Year Of Me: Part 3- Regain Your Confidence

Living a life stuck in a mindset that is clouded with many insecurities prevented me to live the life I knew I was capable of and that I knew I deserved. For a couple of years I felt like I wasn’t where I thought I would be by my mid 20’s. What I envisioned was... Read more »

The one that "Could Have Been"

The “could have been” relationship situation is one that I am not all that familiar with often but most recently can relate to.  I have to say, getting through this and accepting the reality of what is happening really stinks right now in this moment. In this situation I was the one who wanted it... Read more »

Roller Coaster of My Addiction to Love

I cannot say that I know what it is like to be addicted to a drug like cocaine or opiates. I am not saying that my experience being an addict is the same. I do believe there are some similarities.  I enjoy having that rush of being in love, knowing there is someone with me to sustain an intimate attachment. I... Read more »

You're not the only one

Being in love is one of the most amazing feelings you can have. You meet that one person who makes everything in your life so much better. Imagine having that same feeling with not just one person. I can remember all the times I have said, “I wish I could take Joe Schmo number one and... Read more »

Surviving the holidays single

Holidays can be dreaded by the ones who are single. No one to bring to holiday parties, no one to give a smooch to under the mistletoe or to ring in the new year with. No need to worry, I am one who is a little too familiar with concurring the holiday season solo. Holiday’s... Read more »