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Year Of Me: Part 3- Regain Your Confidence

Living a life stuck in a mindset that is clouded with many insecurities prevented me to live the life I knew I was capable of and that I knew I deserved. For a couple of years I felt like I wasn’t where I thought I would be by my mid 20’s. What I envisioned was... Read more »

Year Of Me: Part 2- Time Is Precious and Limited

We all want to live a life for longevity right? Are we taking the proper measures to live a healthy life? I know I sure was not. I had one important relationship in my life, that relationship was with food. The relationship I had with food was an abusive relationship. I would uncontrollably consume large... Read more »

Year Of Me: Part 1- The Uncomfortable & Unfamiliar

A little over a year ago, I hit my breaking point and needed to stop focusing on being the best potential partner to men who didn’t care about being the best for me. I have always been “dating” or “talking” to someone for as long as I can remember. I was very familiar and comfortable... Read more »

Cuffing Season Is Here And Bae-Less

I’m single and living it up! This is supposed to be good thing right? A few years ago it was. Now in my late 20’s and still single everyone is trying to set me up with someone. People seem to feel sorry for me and want to hook me up with their dry cleaners nephew son when the... Read more »

Forget About It: The Road To Forgiveness and On To Freedom

Over and over again I relive these moments of the prolonging misery that I have had. I haven’t let go of these horrid moments but instead, pick at the emotional scabs. The group of girls at the office who didn’t invite me out for happy hour, my best friend who ditched me again to hang out with... Read more »

My Perfectly Imperfect, Organized Dysfunctional Life

Life is hard AF sometimes. We can have some of the greatest days and then some of the worst days where you don’t even want to face all that you have to face. For some, the worst days seem like an endless loop.  I have been there more than I would like to admit. Some... Read more »

Monday Motivation- Chris Thompson

Monday Motivation- Chris Thompson
I’m not one who follows many social media trends but, today is an appropriate time for me to participate. I always get nervous expressing myself to people who I genuinely care about but fear I come off as a weirdo. As I have gotten older I find it extremely difficult to interact with other adults.... Read more »

Finding My Purpose In Life: Starting My Passion Project (AGAIN) While Having A Career

When I was younger I had big dreams, exciting fantasies of what I wanted to do when I grew up? I knew I had a great purpose in life. I knew that  I wanted to make others happy, help them in any way I could.  Now in my mid 20’s I have realize that I... Read more »

The one that "Could Have Been"

The “could have been” relationship situation is one that I am not all that familiar with often but most recently can relate to.  I have to say, getting through this and accepting the reality of what is happening really stinks right now in this moment. In this situation I was the one who wanted it... Read more »

When Is It Time To Part Ways With Those Who Don't Play Importance In Your Life

We make our first friend as a young child, maybe its a neighbor or someone we met in preschool. Usually this person is our friend until someone moves away or when we go off to separate colleges after high school. These are are the friendships that are supposed to last a lifetime. We also have... Read more »