Cuffing Season Is Here And Bae-Less

dsc05561-02-mfI’m single and living it up! This is supposed to be good thing right? A few years ago it was. Now in my late 20’s and still single everyone is trying to set me up with someone. People seem to feel sorry for me and want to hook me up with their dry cleaners nephew son when the only thing I want to do is go hard in gym, crash on my couch cuddled up with my pup and wait for the newest episode of This Is Us. 

Jordin Sparks Battlefield is one of my all-time favorite jams. As an adult, I am realizing that my love life is really a battlefield. Swiping left and right, trying to dodge all the douchebags and Netflix and Chill guys. Almost a year ago I decided that I was done with the dating apps, speed dating and letting someone try to look me up with some random. It was taking a toll on me to try and hold a conversation with someone everyday and making sure I always looked somewhat cute. Yes, a date would be nice (having the company of a male companion) but living the single life has not been all that bad. Up until now it is currently “Cuffing Season”

The so call phenomena of Cuffing Season is probably one of the most ridiculous terms being used by my generation. Being  a single woman in her late 20’s I find myself really annoyed by this term. Apple picking, Pumpkin Spice Lattes and matching couple costumes all sound really great, congratulations for having a pretty Basic Instagram and a reminder that yes. I am single. Thank you! Here and there I have caught myself saying “I want a Bae” during this cuffing season. I know there are many of guys and gals who have felt this way. We are human it is okay. We had an amazing summer, living our best lives being single. Outdoor festivals, hitting up the beach and drinking in beer gardens. Now we’re at home pouting that we don’t have some to play footsie with while watching Halloween movies. All of us single folks have to band together, we will get through this.

I am not one to do “ALL THE FALL THINGS” Like painting pumpkins, drinking PSL, going to haunted houses. I don’t need a significant other to do these things. A group of my girlfriends and I do all these fall activities together. We’re all single and no one should be sitting at home alone and scroll through social media wishing you were doing all the fun things. I invited them all over and we painted pumpkins, drank apple cider whiskey and indulged in some tasty vegan pumpkin cupcakes. None of us are in a relationship but we got to enjoy all the fun of cuffing season. We stopped worrying about the fact that we were single. All the anxiety of feeling lonely went away because we were having fun. We’ll have those memories forever and they don’t have an end date of  February 13th (cuffing season relationships typically end before valentine’s day)

I’m open to finding my husband one day who will forever be my Cuffing Season partner in crime, but I’m not ready to kick my single girl days to curb just yet. If you haven’t realize here are a few amazing things about cuffing season that I cannot entertain the idea of having a boyfriend:

  1. It’s Football Season
  2. I don’t have to spend money on buying a Christmas gift
  3. Only thirsty boys are looking to be in a relationship, no one has time for that
  4. It’s cold outside, no need to shave those legs
  5. Don’t need ANYONE  but myself to be happy

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