Monday Motivation- Chris Thompson

Monday Motivation- Chris Thompson

I’m not one who follows many social media trends but, today is an appropriate time for me to participate. I always get nervous expressing myself to people who I genuinely care about but fear I come off as a weirdo. As I have gotten older I find it extremely difficult to interact with other adults. I’m very transparent…blunt with people and some take that as me being really aggressive. The internet has been an amazing tool for me to network with people and there is one particular person that I have crossed paths with that I want to share with you about. Chris Thompson, online content creator. I stumbled upon Chris through another online content creator as they collaborated on a cover song of some T-Swift (Not Important). Then I started watching all the different cover songs he did for hours. After a few hours another video came up on the queue and it was him talking into a camera laying across the bed damn near naked. (I wasn’t complaining about the naked part)

Another couple of hours went by of me watching all these videos he uploaded. I was hooked. I stopped watching TV and was excited to see what the next video Chris was about to upload almost everyday. The content he was producing was some really good content. He was giving advice to people about relationships, life issues and he featured puppies! Seriously! PUPPIES! I was always raving about him, all of my friends and family thought I was crazy because I knew so much about this man who I have never spoke to in my life. He doesn’t even know I exist. Yes! Crazy but I didn’t care I was intrigued by him and knew the day I went to visit LA hopefully I could meet him.

Flash forward to October 2015, on a sunny and warm day in Chicago. I got to meet Chris himself in the flesh! I had a million different emotions flowing. I got to meet the man who inspired me in so many ways and I just wanted to thank him for all that he has done for me without knowing he has. Again, this all sounds super strange from my friends and family but I didn’t care if they understood.

Flash Forward to present day! Chris to this day is still an individual that I admire so much. There are not enough words for me to say thank you! I am forever grateful to be able to call you a friend ( Yes, we’re official friends now) I want to say thank you for having me embrace change, live without fear, challenge me to live my life differently. Your view of life, your story and just knowing you as YOU Chris has made me feel very thankful you have touched my life. I know this is not a coincidence that we have met. You have influenced me in ways that I never would have imagine.

Chris is now on an amazing journey across the United States and Canada. Chris is going on a road trip in honor of his dog Wrigley who passed away in an accident. Chris is hosting donation drives across the country to help support local animal rescues in over 30 cities for 3 months. Over the weekend he had his donation drive here in Chicago and without a doubt knew I wanted to be involved the second he announced Chicago as one of the cities on his trip. He has done all this on his own with some help from people along the way but majority of the work is all him. The one day experience I had with him I could not believe that this man was this dedicated. This man was this devoted to power through all the crazy obsolesces he has endured. Not once did he lash out, he kept his cool and even cracked a smile. I know that after this journey is complete it will be a huge success. Chris has the DESIRE to honor Wrigley. He has the DETERMINATION to set up and break down his setup at all the meet-ups. He has the DEDICATION to drive across the country to help spread the word about his journey and he has the DISCIPLINE to never give up. Yes, things get hard, plans don’t go to plan but at the end you finished. Chris, You are truly an inspiration. It is very powerful and you are changing so many lives.

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