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Cam Newton: "Its funny to hear a female talk about routes like--its funny"

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Why do we laugh and derive amusement from so many different things: puns, fails, jokes and gags gone wrong? For most its a way to relieve stress, bring happiness to ourselves and others. But for some its a way to be cruel, insensitive, degrading and rude. Today during a press conference with the Carolina Panthers,... Read more »

Women make the change

In honor of International Women’s Day, a day devoted to the celebration of women everywhere and their contributions to the world, I encourage others to appreciate the accomplishments women make in sports. Growing up, I wasn’t like the rest of the kids in my class. I didn’t write reports on wanting to become an astronaut, baseball player,... Read more »

Top Tweets in Chicago Sports: July 1-9

In case all of Chicago decided to take a week off, here is everything you need to know. As told by Twitter.

Chicago Sports past and present Doppelgängers

Do you remember back in the day when you could play all day, stay up all night without ample amounts of coffee and or the opening music of your favorite N64 game, I do. Being a kid was one of the best and easiest years of my life. It never got old to trade Pokemon... Read more »