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Want to go to a Cubs game this season? It will cost you

I’m not the first and I won’t be the last to complain about Wrigley Field and most MLB ticket prices. I may not be a 95-year-old man who remembers when tickets were less than 5 cents and milk was even cheaper than that, but I am someone who USED to be able to afford several games... Read more »

JerseyGate: Sale Cuts Loose During Batting Practice

Wow, who knew a pair of scissors, Chris Sale and a throw back jersey from ’76 would transform into the biggest day in sports this season, and not in a good way. Saturday Sale (the scheduled starter) was sent home from the ballpark after a non-physical incident in the clubhouse during batting practice. That “incident”... Read more »

Bryant and Arenado, who's had the better season?

Theres no doubt, Chicago fans love their teams. No matter the record, rain or shine (sometimes snow) we’re there to cheer for the home team. That is, as long as our credit card limit and beer intake will allow for. When we watch Rizzo, Zobrist, or Sale take the field, what do you think other than... Read more »