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Cam Newton: "Its funny to hear a female talk about routes like--its funny"

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Why do we laugh and derive amusement from so many different things: puns, fails, jokes and gags gone wrong? For most its a way to relieve stress, bring happiness to ourselves and others. But for some its a way to be cruel, insensitive, degrading and rude. Today during a press conference with the Carolina Panthers,... Read more »

Take a tour of Wrigley Field

Last week I embraced my inner tourist. I took my first EVER tour of the historic and beautiful Wrigley Field. While I knew most of the history our tour guide so energetically rattled off, the thing that blew me away more than anything else was the emptiness of the ballpark. It absolutely took my breath... Read more »

Want to go to a Cubs game this season? It will cost you

I’m not the first and I won’t be the last to complain about Wrigley Field and most MLB ticket prices. I may not be a 95-year-old man who remembers when tickets were less than 5 cents and milk was even cheaper than that, but I am someone who USED to be able to afford several games... Read more »

Chicago Cubs Spring Training: An Outside Look

Tom Ricketts and the entire Chicago Cubs organization are some of, if not THE best in the business. This organization brought its 100-plus-years of history into an absolutely beautiful and welcoming Spring Training facility. Nestled in the heart of Mesa, Ariz., Sloan Park brings out iconic Wrigley Field features, such as the unique scoreboard clock, ivy,... Read more »

How to March Madness

Having the best NCAA Tournament Bracket isn’t about statistical analysis, pro/con lists, and color coded diagrams. I should know, I used to base my picks using my head instead of my gut. Predicting a winner also involves a great deal of luck. This 64-question fill-in the blank test is so unpredictable that businessman Warren Buffett... Read more »

Women make the change

In honor of International Women’s Day, a day devoted to the celebration of women everywhere and their contributions to the world, I encourage others to appreciate the accomplishments women make in sports. Growing up, I wasn’t like the rest of the kids in my class. I didn’t write reports on wanting to become an astronaut, baseball player,... Read more »

Is John Fox the one to lead the Bears?

I’ll be the first person to admit it, I’m not happy with the Chicago Bears 2016 season. If you can even call a 3-13 record a season. I suppose a handful of Chicagoans are buying into the idea of rookie development, Jay Cutler being well…Cutler and the overwhelming amount of injuries directly impacting the success... Read more »

What I am thankful for this year

Its that time of year again. The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is on the TV, children are screaming and someone forgot the yams. As I sit beside my friends and loved ones in a Hampton Inn and Suites in Scottsbluff, Neb. I realize the much anticipated holiday season is upon us. With a food baby... Read more »

Thank you for standing by me

Now that I’ve had the night to pinch myself, I can finally believe that the Cubs have won the World Series. At this time I want to thank a few Cubs fans in my life and family members for letting me act like a complete lunatic for the last 24-years. To my father, Dale Hamblin,... Read more »

2016 World Series: A Weekend Worth of photos

I’ve always dreamed of a Chicago Cubs World Series. For 24-years I’ve wanted nothing more than to see the North Side put the curse’s to rest and win a World Series. Now the closest the Cubs have been to a WS Title in 71-years, It was time to pack my bags and hit the road.... Read more »