For too many years I've been left out of the inner circle. To be more specific, when I say inner circle, I'm referring to the group of bro's from work who take an extra long lunch break rattling off random sports trivia. For most that sounds like a childish reason to get upset or even emotional over, I disagree. I am willing to go as far as give up red wine for a 48 hours just to let my voice be heard. For anyone that knows me, thats a pretty big sacrifice.

At this point in my life and career I'm quite use to rejection emails, verbal harassment, stereotyping, and being told my place is not to be on the field but to be in the kitchen. Did I mention I am less than a year out of college...I know a lot about sports, specifically Chicago, MLB, and Big 10 sports, because that's the way I was raised. Before I would write my name, I was keeping score, tracking pitch counts, and learning all things Chicago sports.

As a recent college graduate with a dual degree in Journalism & Communications Studies with a minor in news writing/sports production, I'm ready to enter the real world. Over the years I've dabbled in work at the university paper, a handful of radio discussions, and interned with the university hockey team. My previous credentials range from NCAA Division I to the college Quidditch team. I strive to educate and inform those around me and the entire Chicagoland area with a lighter and happier take on sports. Sports will never be boring, there will always be something to talk about, and we as fans demand the best from out news outlets.

Thats All She Wrote is my first blog and chance to let my voice be heard. I want to mix things up a bit and have some fun...here goes nothing.

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Email: haleighhamblin@gmail.com