Cam Newton: "Its funny to hear a female talk about routes like--its funny"

Why do we laugh and derive amusement from so many different things: puns, fails, jokes and gags gone wrong? For most its a way to relieve stress, bring happiness to ourselves and others. But for some its a way to be cruel, insensitive, degrading and rude.

Today during a press conference with the Carolina Panthers, beat writer Jourdan Rodrigue from the Charlotte Observer asked Cam Newton about wide receiver Devin Funchess embracing the physicality of routes and if Newton got enjoyment out of that? Newton’s response… “Its funny to hear a female talk about routes like — its funny.”

For the most part I’ve always thought I had a good sense of humor. I like to laugh, chuckle and even LOL at times. But never will I EVER begin to understand why a woman doing her job can or would be funny.

Just moments after the press conference Rodrigue turned to social media to tell her story. After 5 hours, her post has accumulated 1.7k comments, 7.3k retweets and 28k likes…and counting. With the majority of responses in support, many made me absolutely ill.

“I mean it sounded like a joke to pretty much everybody except for the media…imagine that.”

“Have you ever played a down of football before in your life? Or coached? I think not.”

“OMG go somewhere wit this junk, if a woman says “It’s funny to hear a guy talk about makeup,” should we march, protect and complain?”

“Oh boo hoo. Cry me a feminazi river.”

This topic in particular strikes home for me. I too have been laughed at for doing my job. In college, working as a beat writer for the school newspaper, I was referred to as unqualified, uneducated, unrelateable and out of my element. One colleague went as far as referring to my job in the kitchen.

People can be cruel and words do hurt. But if we give up doing what we love, they win.

Keep your head up Jourdan, work hard and keep fighting through the bullshit. With every question, you continue to get your voice heard in this male dominated industry. Jourdan you are the reason I and many other women in this industry get up everyday, to do our jobs the best each and every day.

Today you gained a follower, a fan and a friend. After all the only funny thing I remember was Super Bowl 50.

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