Want to go to a Cubs game this season? It will cost you

I’m not the first and I won’t be the last to complain about Wrigley Field and most MLB ticket prices. I may not be a 95-year-old man who remembers when tickets were less than 5 cents and milk was even cheaper than that, but I am someone who USED to be able to afford several games a year. I remember going to most day games in the bleachers, sitting behind Sammy Sosa in right field, and enjoying a ice cold cola with my dad. However, now a days if I were to buy tickets to a premium game like the Cardinals and Yankees I would risk being evicted by my landlord.

I recently bought 3 tickets to the May 4th game between the Cubs and Phillies. While few things in life compare to a game at Wrigley Field, I was shocked at the sad realization that I was only able to afford one game this season. Which in turn does not actually include myself in the 3 tickets as I bought them as a gift for my family who previously gave up their season tickets a few years back. When the team wasn’t winning 90 plus games a season, it was hard to find people to give tickets to, let alone sell to.

When Tom Rickets and Theo Epstein took over, the success of the team soon followed. Everyone I had ever met was suddenly a Cubs fan, snap chatting me every minute they spend at Wrigley Field. Because of the increase in demand, ticket prices went up and long time season ticket holders couldn’t pay the difference.

Makes you wonder who the true fans really are?

Anyway, I’m not trying to say the Cubs are doing a bad job buy raising ticket prices, because I’m not. They are a successful business that makes great profit off fans that will do anything to support the not so lovable losers. Its just hard to process for someone like myself who has stood by this team through the ups and the downs over the years, only to outdone by a bigger wallet.

To break down some game-day costs:

  • Men’s Chicago Cubs Anthony Rizzo Majestic 2017 Gold Program Player Jersey: $134.99
  • Men’s Chicago Cubs New Era Royal 2017 Gold Program Adjustable Hat: $25.99
  • HotDogs with all the fixings: $6.00+
  • Soft Drink 16oz: $5.00
  • Domestic Beer: $8.00
  • Micro-Brew: Don’t Bother Its Too Much $$$
  • 3-GA Bleacher Tickets: $24.00-$130.00 A Piece
  • Parking: $20-$75 In Nearby Lots
  • Going To See the 2016 World Series Champions Play: $2-months Rent

If you are willing to spend the money, avoid games against the Yankees, Cardinals, Dodgers, and Nationals for the biggest bang for you buck.

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