College didn't prepare me for this

Its been a while since I’ve taken the time to write. Over the last month I’ve devoted my time to rest, understanding college loans and to figuring out the next step in my life. I am a recent college graduate, a lease that expires in August, 2.5 mouths to feed, yes I included my 8 pound 2 ounce puppy, and an overwhelming weight hanging over my head. It wasn’t until the New Years rang in that I started my very broad search for my first “adult” job. From my previous experience applying for jobs, I had so much success that I decided to go back to school for another year, because at that point adding more student debt into my life was better than telling my parents I had failed.

In the first week alone, I submitted 15 applications with descriptive cover letters, formatted clips of my recent work, and included a digital portfolio of my previous video and photography experience. Within 48 hours of my submission, I received email after email letting me know they would be considering individuals that closer aligned with their job requirements, at this time we are pursuing other candidates, and my personal favorite rejection was a position filled 3 months prior but that specific company never removed the posting. That specific position required a video submission, five clips of work and  two letters of recommendation…who leaves a post like that up for another 3 months?

Over the last few weeks, in between serving rotisserie chicken and steak at a local Fort Collins restaurant, I’ve edited, reformatted and changed almost every word on my cover letter and resume. I wanted it to reflect my professional experience, but give a future employer a taste of who I am and what I can offer their company. Its been an interesting time for me. I was offered a temporary position working for my alma mater until the end of the semester, which meant I would have time to figure out a game plan in February and start the application process again in March. Wrong. Because sports journalism/public relations is my goal, there is never a time to wait and not apply.

Like clock work, every day I submit anywhere between 2-8 applications across the country, budget out savings and walk my dog somewhere in-between. I am currently working two jobs to pay bills, repay my student loans and then fine time to sit down and enjoy a Blackhawks game… for what feels like the first time this season. May be if my professors told me how terrible this process was or how long it would take to hear back from an application sent four weeks ago, I would have known to lay off the red wine and get my shit together months ago. But its hard for me to find motivation and confidence when I am not being reassured from future employers, I am still fighting to get over the hump of automated email rejections at 4a.m.

On my drive to work today, I started to think about making a change. I am not just going settle for anything less than what I worked my ass-off for five and a half years of college. I am going to reply to every job rejections for answers, make contacts with successful role models in my field, and most importantly take the time for myself to sit down and write multiple times a week. I realize as I am typing this my body is cringing at the thought and my coffee maker is beginning to smoke, but I will sleep when I am dead. Nobody in the sports market said it would be easy and I have taken my job search too loosely.

This is a warning to the world, I will be the reporter that makes a difference and is heard. My name is Haleigh Hamblin and I am coming for you.

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