Is John Fox the one to lead the Bears?

I’ll be the first person to admit it, I’m not happy with the Chicago Bears 2016 season. If you can even call a 3-13 record a season. I suppose a handful of Chicagoans are buying into the idea of rookie development, Jay Cutler being well…Cutler and the overwhelming amount of injuries directly impacting the success of this football team, but I’m not.

I watched John Fox coach in Denver, he was pretty successful. He lead the Broncos to Super Bowl XLVIII in 2013, where they played the Seattle Seahawks. Fox is one of only two head coaches to win both an NFC and AFC championship game along with Dan Reeves, and one of six coaches to reach the Super Bowl with multiple teams. While that looks nice and dandy on paper, the reality is that he lost that Super Bowl, and also fell short during the Divisional playoff round against the Colts in 2014.

Fox marked a 48-18 record overall with the Broncos, and thats not terrible. Fox is a good run of the mill coach, not drawing too much attention to him and his team but also not bringing in championships and titles. In his entire career as a head coach (2002-present) he has won just one NFC Championship and one AFC Championship, but lost both of his coaching appearances in the Super Bowl.

May be its because I am young and ambitious or a little bit naive, but can someone tell me why we are in this situation? I watched the deal go down with Fox two-years ago from Colorado, with every employee I worked with telling me good luck. I’ve never seen fans be so happy to have a coach go 12-4 in a season and agree to leave. Whats Fox sweeping under the run internally that “we” as fans don’t know?

That being said, what is general manager Ryan Pace thinking? With another terrible season down the drain, Alshon Jeffery out the door and the rest of the Bears team unable to perform, why still is the entire coach staff employed? This is a problem that trickles down from the top of the organization, but Fox is the one the organization and city is relying on to get results. If I was paid millions of dollars, I would run the ball until I couldn’t run anymore, force fumbles like its my day job (because it is) and above all else catch the damn football. When I looked at Green Bay’s total rushing yards, the Bears had 34 more yards than the Packers. So I dug a little deeper. The Packers had 60 more yards than the Bears passing with an overwhelming 19 more touchdowns for the rivals up north. From what I can see, the difference between winning the division and having a 3-13 season comes down to the overall goal, scoring points. Six of the 10 losses came down to less than a touchdown, this season was points off each game from being a completely different season. We can’t go into the off season asking what if? But we can ask why Jeffery caught just one pass for 10 years in Sunday’s 38-10 loss to the Vikings.

I don’t see a plan for next year? If Fox is the one to lead this team, I need to see charts, bar graphs and a detailed description on how he is going to get Barkley more passes; increase yards per attempt for Langford and Howard; and most importantly connect the pass in the end zone and win games. Until I see a plan, Fox is not fulfilling his requirement as coach.

The Bears have become the doormat of the NFC North. How long will our front office let this go on before someone calls Theo Epstein for help?


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