Thank you for standing by me

Now that I’ve had the night to pinch myself, I can finally believe that the Cubs have won the World Series. At this time I want to thank a few Cubs fans in my life and family members for letting me act like a complete lunatic for the last 24-years.

To my father, Dale Hamblin, this is for you. I can only imagine what you’ve been through as a fan, a Chicagoan and as a son who wasn’t able to share this magical moment with his father. You are without a doubt one of the biggest fans I have even met and an even better father to me and my sisters(Hillary Klutts and Heather Ford). For years you’ve showed us the true etiquette behind a Chicago Dog, how to keep score like a pro and above all else you passed down some of the greatest stories sports has ever heard. I can’t say I am going to miss you shouting “FIXED” at the television like a broken record, but a Cubs season somehow wouldn’t be complete without it.

To my mother, Anne Hamblin, I can’t begin to image what this win means for you. Not only will this shut up dad for at least a month or so, but think about all the uninterrupted stitching time you can cash in on after standing by dad for so many years. You’ve always been the lone White Sox fan in the family, sacrificing your teams love to put your kids in Cubs outfits each and every season. I’m sorry I never took the time to appreciate the White Sox’s for you.

To my sisters,Hillary Klutts and Heather Ford, this is what our childhood was all about. For years we shared memories riding the train to Wrigley, watching games at grandma and grandpas and who could forget about all those swears dad taught us during Cubs games. I thank you both for standing by me and this team over the years, I know it wan’t always easy.

To my Aunt and Uncle, Anne and Bill Hamblin, thank you for sharing your insight, season tickets and your obsession for this team. If it wasn’t for you two, I wouldn’t have created the memories I did at Wrigley Field.

To my god mother and cousin, Jane McQuinn, thank you for parking yourself at TightHead Brewery in your lucky seat and always wearing your lucky shirt. I’m so glad we share our superstitious tendencies, love for the Cubs and taste for fine beers.

To my grandparents, David and Norma Hamblin, they did it! As I reflect back on my childhood, I remember all those games we kept score together, the stories you told me before bed and the message you left us with before you passed away. “When the Cubs get a left fielder that can hit and a relief pitcher that can get outs, the Cubs will win the World Series.” Those are the words you told my dad just before grandpa passed away. What do you know, Ben Zobrist the left fielder is the World Series MVP and our bull pen is full of pitchers that can get multiple outs. I’m able to get through this without being a complete basket case because I know you were together. Grandma I know you threw your hands up when Kris Bryant got the final out and Grandpa I would like to think you pulled the comb out of your back pocket, fixed your hair, and smiled. When we meet again, I’ll crack open an Old Style Lite and cheers to the Cubs first World Series title in 108-years. But for now, take it all in, I know Ron Santo, Ernie Banks and Harry Caray are throwing one hell of a party.

To my best friend, Sarah Honda, thank you for letting me drag to you to multiple games each season. Weather the Cubs were back 16.0 games at the start of September, you never questioned my love for this team. The only question you ever asked was how much money it would cost you, and even then you never hesitated to follow my lead.

To my roommate Juliet Letteney, thank you for staying away from the television for the last month. You have never questioned my sanity or my superstitions, instead you embraced them. You truly are a great friend, roommate, and I am so thankful I was able to share this time with you.

To my die hard teachers: John Neubauer, Mike Sementa and Antonia Mullens, thank you for impacting myself and hundreds of other fans. Over the years you all had so much hope for a World Series Title, even in the darkest of times, and I will never forget that.

To my godfather, Bill Sangbusch, I want to thank you for being the best godfather a Cub fan and kid could ask for. I will always remember going to games together at Miller Park with you and your dad, Bill. I never thought I would meet a bigger Cubs fan than my dad, but then I met you. Thank you for being apart of my life and continuing to throw away so many Packers clothes over the years.

To the entire Johnston family, I can only image how crazy you must think I am. Since the first day I you met me at the P.F. Chang’s in Loveland, Colo. there was no secret I was a die hard Chicago fan. And while there’s always friendly competition when Illinois takes on Nebraska and the Rockies play the Cubs, I would like to think with each passing day you’ve become a little more of a Chicago fan.

And finally, the biggest thanks goes out to my boyfriend and the love of my life, Jeff Johnston. I’m not sure you knew what you were getting into when you bought me that iced Carmel macchiato for amika or when I asked for your number at fall hall, but I couldn’t be happier that you took a chance on us. Not only did you dropped everything in 2015 to road-trip back for the Blackhawks rally in a 99′ Jeep Wrangler but you continue encouraged my Chicago obsession with each and everyday. A week ago today I pitched an idea to you, in a pro-con list fashion, for us to drive to Chicago for the World Series. Not that I was expecting you to say no, but I never imaged the first words out of your mouth to be…”When do we leave.” With my whole heart I thank you for standing by my side, jumping from our seats and being a shoulder for me to cry on. I will never forget looking into your eyes, and the tears that began to roll down your face. While I’ll never know if the tears came from the Cubs finally winning a World Series or the realization that we were so close to putting money down in Vegas last year, I’ll always remember last night as the best day of my life.

Until next year,

Haleigh Hamblin

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