How long ago was 1908?

The last time the Chicago Cubs won a World Series Title, the world was a much different place. It was a simpler time if you will. Teddy Roosevelt was in the oval office, the Wright brothers went public with the airplane and Mel Blanc the voice of Bugs Bunny was born. With breaking news such as air travel and car manufacturing, I could get used to news like that over last nights trends at the Oscars.

For many Cubs fans and baseball enthusiasts, 1908 means so much more than a long time ago. Its the reason we buy birthday candles each year, the bed time stories we tell our kids each night and the overall logic behind the city of Chicago’s drinking problems.

To put time into perspective, the last time the Cubs won the pennant was 71 years ago. In those 71 years, Queen Elizabeth started her reign as Queen, the US population increased by almost 250 million people and above all else Blockbuster and Sports Authority went out of business.

It comes to no surprise that 108 years ago was a long time ago. For goodness sakes sliced bread wasn’t invented until 1912, thats how long Cubs fans have been waiting for a title. Here’s a look at life in 1908 and the major events since that historical day so very long ago.

Major Events Since the 1908 World Series: 

Eighteen US presidents were elected

The Titanic was built, set sail, sank and re-discovered…and they made a movie about it.

Henry Ford produced the first Model-T.

Harry Caray was born, became a Cubs legend and passed away.

The NHL, NFL and NBA were formed, in that order, and Chicago teams won championships in each league.

Wrigley Field was built and has since become the oldest park in the National League. (April 23,1914).

The US found in World War I and II, Korean War, Vietnam War, Persian Gulf War, Iraq War, Afghanistan War.

I was born in 1992, just 84-years later.

Then and Now: 

Loaf of Bread

1908: $.05

2016: $2.32


Dozen Eggs

1908: $.04

2016: $2.74


Gallon of Milk

1908: $.38

2016: $3.40


Brand New Car

1908: $825 Model-T

2016: $31,660 Ford Explorer


Average Price of Admission to a ball game

1908: $1.50

2016: $51.33


US President

1908: Teddy Roosevelt

2016: Obama


US States

1908: 46 (Excludes Hawaii, Alaska, Arizona, New Mexico)

2016: 50



1908: West Side Grounds

2016: Wrigley Field


Annual Attendance

1908: 665,325

2016: 3,232,420


Cubs Record

1908: 99-55

2016: 103-58



1908: 2

2016: 2…


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