A win 24 years in the making

For the last 24-years, my parents have asked me the same question, “What do you want for your birthday, Haleigh?” While I give them credit for asking each year, they could n10407444_10152625331198244_3587577731831081075_never give me, or any other Chicagoan for that matter, what we all desperately wanted for our birthdays. Because my parents go out and buy a World Series like the Yankees, I was forced to blow out my candles hoping for a miracle.

Well… 300 candles, 17-years of school and several thousand in student loans later,  Chicago Cubs have finally done it. We are four wins away from making one die hard fans birthday dreams come true. I’ve already got my birthday present of a win on my birthday, but there is still 23 years to make up for…I want four more. Here’s a look at the Cubs all the way back to the year I was born.

1992: Record: 78-84; Games Back: 18.0; Place: 4; Attendance: 2,126,720                                – Sammy Sosa was traded to the Cubs from the White Sox for George Bell
– Sosa hit .260 that season with 8 HRs and 25 RBIs
– I was born
– Cubs finished the season 11-7 against the Cardinals

1993: Record: 84-78; Games Back: 13.0; Place: 4: Attendance: 2,653,763
– Greg Maddux opted for free agency at the end of the ’92 season
– Mark Grace was and is the last Cub to hit a “cycle”
– Sammy Sosa was the only Cub to have six hits in a single game
– Cubs finished the season 8-5 against the Cardinals

1994: Record: 49-64; Games Back: 16.5; Place: 5; Attendance: 1,845,208
– Cubs fired manager Larry Himes
– Karl “Tuffy” Rhodes hit 3 homers on opening day, only to hit 5 more that season
– Cubs lost their first 12 home games, a world record
– Cubs finished the season 5-5 against the Cardinals

1995: Record: 73-71; Games Back: 12.0; Place: 3; Attendance: 1,918,265
– Cubs pitching staff lead all 28 teams in shutouts, with 12
– Randy Myers was attacked on the field by a fan, he used his martial arts skills to neutralize the disgruntled man.
– Kerry Wood was drafted by the Cubs in the 1st round(4th overall) of amateur draft
– Cubs finished the season 9-4 against the Cardinals

1996: Record: 76-86; Games Back: 12.0; Place: 4; Attendance: 2,126,720
– Sammy Sosa hit .273, 40 HRs and 100 RBIs
– Cubs finished the season 5-8 against the Cardinals

1997: Record: 68-94; Games Back: 16.0; Place: 5; Attendance: 2,190,308
– The team was never above .500 at any point during the season
– The Cubs lost their first 14 games, which brought the superstition of the “billy goat curse” to a realization. A goat was actually led around Wrigley that season.
– Cubs finished the season 4-8 against the Cardinals

1998: Record: 90-73; Games Back: 12.5; Place: 2; Attendance: 2,623,000
– For the first time since 1989, the Cubs reached the playoffs
– Kerry Wood made his debut, 20-strikeout performance in his fifth career start
– Harry Caray died
– Cubs pitcher Steve Trachsel gave up HR No. 62 to Mark McGwire to break Roger Maris’ record
– Sammy Sosa hit 66 HRs
– Cubs finished the season 4-7 against the Cardinals

1999: Record: 67-95; Games Back: 30.0; Place: 6; Attendance: 2,813,854
– Henry Rodriguez was signed as a free agent
– Carlos Mármol was signed by the Cubs as an amateur free agent
– Sammy Sosa hit 63 HRs
– Cubs finished the season 7-5 against the Cardinals

2000: Record: 65-97; Games Back: 30.0; Place: 6; Attendance: 2,789,508
– The Cubs played the Mets in front of 55,000 during the first game held outside of North America. The game was played at the Tokyodome in Japan.
– Glenallen Hill became the first and only player to hit a pitched ball onto the roof of a five-story residential building across the street from Wrigley.
– Cubs finished the season 3-10 against the Cardinals

2001: Record: 88-74; Games Back: 5.0; Place: 3; Attendance: 2,779,465
– Mid-June trade acquired All-Star 1B Fred McGriff
– Mark Prior was drafted by the Cubs in the first round(2nd pick) of the 2001 amateur draft
– Carlos Zambrano was called up by the Cubs and pitched his first game on Aug. 20th
– Geovany Soto was drafted by the Cubs in the 11th round of the 2001 amateur draft.
– Cubs finished the season 9-8 against the Cardinals

2002: Record: 67-95; Games Back: 30.0; Place: 5; Attendance: 2,693,096
– Managers: Don Baylor(34-49); Rene Lacheman(0-1); Bruce Kimm (33-45)
– Moises Alou signed a 3-year $27 million contract with the Cubs
-Cubs finished the season 6-12 against the Cardinals

2003: Record: 88-74; Games Back: —; Place: 1; Attendance: 2,962,630
– Dusty Baker managed his first year in Chicago
– The Cubs won the National League Central Division for the first since since its formation in 1994, the team’s first division title since 1989(NL East)
– Aramis Ramirez was traded to the Cubs with outfield Kenny Lofton in July
– Steve Bartman
– Cubs finished the season 8-9 against the Cardinals

2004: Record: 89-73; Games Back: 16.0; Place: 3; Attendance: 3,170,154
– Derek Lee was traded by the Marlins to the Cubs
– Greg Maddux was signed as a free agent
– Todd Hollandsworth was signed as a free agent
– Nomar Garciaparra signed in a midseason deal
– Reliever LaTroy Hawkins blew most saves, later replaces as the close by Ryan Dempster
– Cubs finished the season 8-11 against the Cardinals

2005: Record: 79-83; Games Back: 21.0; Place: 4; Attendance: 3,099,992
– Sammy Sosa was traded by the Cubs with cash to the Baltimore Orioles
– This was the first season for the WGN-TV broadcast pairing of Bob Brenly and Len Kasper
– Derek Lee hits 46 HRs
– Expected Starters: Barrett, Lee, Walker, Perez, Ramirez, Hollandsworth, Patterson, Burnitz
– Rich Hill made his first major league start on July 25
– Cubs finished the season 10-6 against the Cardinals

2006: Record: 66-96; Games Back: 17.5; Place: 6; Attendance: 3,123,215
– Jeff Samardzija was drafted by the Cubs in the 5th round(149th pick)
– Cubs finished last in their division for the first time since 2000
– Aramis Ramirez hit .291 with 38 HRs and 119 RBIs
– Cubs finished the season 11-8 against the Cardinals

2007: Record: 85-77; Games Back: —; Place: 1; Attendance: 3,252,462
– Lou Piniella agreed to a three-year contract to manage the Cubs. $10 million with a $5 million option for a fourth year.
– Alfonso Soriano made the largest acquisition in teams history with a eight-year contract worth $136 million
– Cubs got off to a poor start to the season, 22-29 record.
– The Arizona Diamondbacks swept the Cubs 3-0 in the NLDS
– John McDonough stepped down as team president to join the Blackhawks
– Cubs finished the season 11-5 against the Cardinals

2008: Record: 97-64; Games Back: —; Place: 1; Attendance: 3,300,200
– On April 23 the Cubs record their 10,000 victor in franchise history. They were the second team to do so, just behind the San Francisco Giants
– The Cubs made back to back post-season appearances
– Manic Sewing Circle released a new version of the “Go Cubs, Go”
– Carlos Zambrano threw the first Cubs no-hitter since Milt Pappas in 1972
– Lou Piniella won the NL manager of the Year Award
– Cubs finished the season 9-6 against the Cardinals

2009: Record: 83-78; Games Back: 7.5; Place: 2; Attendance: 2,126,720
– The Chicago Tribune inked a deal on Jan 22 with the Ricketts family. A $900 million deal included the Cubs, Wrigley Field and the Tribune’s 25% stake in CSN
– Derek Lee hits .306 with 35 HRs and 111 RBIs
– Cubs finished the season 6-10 against the Cardinals

2010: Record: 75-87; Games Back: 16.0; Place: 5; Attendance: 3,062,973
– The Cubs went 3-12 at home in August
– Lou Piniella resigns after that day’s game on Aug. 22(51-74)
– Ron Santo passed away
– Cubs finished the season 9-6 against the Cardinals

2011: Record: 71-91; Games Back: 25.0; Place: 5; Attendance: 3,017,966
– Interim manager Mike Quade was given a two-year contract with club option for a third
– Starting rotation at the beginning of the season: Dempster, Zambrano, Garza, Wells, Cashner
– Starlin Castro hits .307 with 207 Hs and 66 RBIs
– Kerry Wood agreed to a one-year deal worth 1.5 million, his second stink with the Cubs
– In October, Theo Epstein became the Cubs President of Baseball Operations, bringing then San Diego Padres General Manager Jed Hoyer with him.
– Cubs finished the season 5-10 against the Cardinals

2012: Record: 61-101; Games Back: 36.5; Place: 5; Attendance: 2,882,756
– Anthony Rizzo comes to Chicago. In his rookie season Rizzo played in 87 games hitting . 285 with 15 HRs and 48 RBIs
– Dale Sveum was offered the vacant managerial position with the Cubs
– The Cubs signed K. Wood for another one-year deal, he later retired on May 18
– Cubs finished the season 7-10 against the Cardinals

2013: Record: 66-96; Games Back: 31.0; Place: 5; Attendance: 2,642,682
– Jake Arrieta was traded along with Pedro Strop to the Cubs
– Cubs finished the season 7-12 against the Cardinals

2014: Record: 73-89; Games Back: 17.0; Place: ; Attendance: 2,652,113
– Rick Renteria’s first and only season as Cubs manager
– This season marked the 100th season of play at Wrigley Field
– The Cubs finished their first winning season at Wrigley since 2009. (41-40)
– Jeff Samardzija and Jason Hammel were trades to the A’s in exchange for Addison Russel and two others
– In June, the Cubs announced an end to their radio play-by-play history on WGN
– Jon Lester signed with the Cubs for six years, a whopping $155 million on Dec. 15
– On Dec. 24 the Cubs announce a $5 million two-year deal with David Ross
– Cubs finished the season 9-10 against the Cardinals

2015: Record: 97-65; Games Back: 3.0; Place: 3; Attendance: 2,956,812
– On January 19, outfielder Dexter Fowler was traded to the Cubs
– Jake Arrieta won the Cy-Young Award
– Ernie Banks passes away
– Joe Maddon starts his first season as the Cubs manager. Later wins Manager of the Year
– Kyle Schwarber rockets a HR onto of the right field video board
– Kris Bryant won Rookie of the Year while also striking out a record breaking 199 times
– The Cubs had the third best record in baseball
– The 1989 film Back to the Future Part II lied. The Cubs did not win the World Series
– Cubs finished the season 8-11 against the Cardinals

2016: Record: 103-58; Games Back: —; Place: 1; Attendance: 3,232,420
– In the off season, Cubs signed John Lackey, Ben Zobrist, and Jason Hayward
– The Cubs had four pitchers(Lester, Arrieta, Hendricks and Hammel) win 15 or more games. The last time that was done was in 1935, also dating back to the last time the Cubs reach the 100 win mark.
– Kyle Schwarber tore his left ACL and LCL on April 7, after a collision with Dexter Fowler
– Cubs win the pennant on Oct. 22, their first World Series appearance since 1945
– Bill Murray cries, I Ain’t Afraid of No Goat shirt sales skyrocket
-Cubs finished the season 10-9 against the Cardinals

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