Man's best friend and Chicago's newest fan

Almost two months ago, we welcomed a new addition to our family. Little Indiana Jones(yes like the movie character) is a corgi terrier mix, with a whole lot of spunk. We rescued him from the local animal shelter in town, it was love at first sight.

A few days after we brought little Indy home, we started to realize he was so much more than a cute puppy to look at. It didn’t take long to realize he has similar interests.

For example, when I go to work everyday, Indy finds time to take an afternoon nap with dad, watch countless hours of Netflix and lay in the sun for a later summer tan. While I saw these interests developing right before my eyes, there was one trait that really took me by surprise.

It wasn’t until about three weeks ago that I realized my dog was become a Chicago sports fan. He was trying on my hats, barking at the games and above all else making it known when there was a shit call…literally. Indy may be young and ultimately setting himself up for greatest heartbreak of all time, or the greatest Cinderella story. What Indiana loves more than napping in the sun, is Windy City sports.


Indy looks so dashing in his rally cap.


Indy likes Rizzo. He is his favorite player.


Will Jay Cutler and the Bears let this little guy down? Only time will tell, but he seems optimistic for a positive 2016-17 season.


Indy may be a Cubs fan, but I don’t think he is too fond of the color pink. It just doesn’t match his eyes.


The White Sox have had many ups and plenty of downs this season, Indy wants the team to find its stride.


One minute Indiana is sitting next to me watching the game, the next minute he is reacting to a shit call. I think he took this one a little to literally.


These extra inning games are tiring this little guy out.


Its almost time for hockey season, which means this little guy is about to be a walking popsicle. I don’t think Indy plans on skating with Kane anytime soon, might be a little too cold.


We don’t lose often, but when we do, his ears really show the sadness.


Indy loved watching Jimmy Butler during the Olympics. While he can’t figure out how to dunk quite yet, Indy is really for the start of basketball season…and the next casting event for Space Jam.


The more he watches the Cubs, the greater the risk of heartbreak. Indy has become an emotional little guy, he just can’t watch the team lose. Those puppy dog eyes kill me. Its a shame he can’t enter the drawing for Post Season Tickets, he is a good luck charm.

With all the feelings and passion Indiana has developed for the Cubs in the last two months, I can only imagine what is to come in the upcoming weeks.

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