My First Love: The Chicago Cubs

Theres nothing quite like your first love.

(Insert flashback sequence….now)

We all remember those days, your palms got clammy, your stomach was in knots (one could never figure out if the cause was lack of food or if that fart you were holding in for the last hour finally decided to fight back), regardless, we all can agree the feeling was, well…indescribable.

At first, everything was perfect. We saw each other several times a week, which does seem like a lot but hey, when you know…you know. I can remember how special our relationship was, I sent letters to you every month, posted pictures of us on social media, spent my hard earned paycheck at the Super Target to come and see you and at one point may have made if FBO (which means Facebook Official for those of whom are not hip like myself).

The passion was a work of art, Walt Disney himself would have made a classic out of this storybook fairytale. Once they catch wind of this, I am expecting at least a phone call from the Hallmark channel because tears will be flowing once America lays her eyes on this bad boy. I’ll have a billboard with my face on it, the Kardashians will ask for my autograph and Ill get my own clothing brand, all because of the love I have.

ABC get your hands on this now, its almost like a spin off of the bachelorette, but better.  I have been in love with the Chicago Cubs since I could utter the words Ernie Banks. Thats right, melting over dozens of men swinging a bat and throwing a ball for the last 23-years.

I don’t know what it was about last nights game, but something just didn’t sit right.

It might have been the overwhelming amount of Twitter rants from “fans,” the doubt everyone had in Maddon, or the made up belief that this season was over. Yes, I do agree it’s easy to turn to that dark place, the Cubs have been there for over 100-years.

For me, what hit a nerve might have been the third two-run blast into the sea of blue all the way out in the bleachers, that really got me to sit on the edge of my chair. I’ll admit it, there might have been a small amount of steam coming out of my ears like a Looney Tunes character. But all the comparisons to the 2012 Cubs, and the bottom of the 9th strikeout by Bryant really got my heart going and my eyes to water. It was like the Cubs were breaking up with me and the entire city of Chicago in the shittiest way possible.

I understand why Matusz needed to start last night and I know not a lot of people understand that, but really when everyone woke up this morning who cared? All anyone could remember was the outstanding catch in left field from Wood and the suicide squeeze bunt executed by Lester to score the winning run. At that moment, one of our toughest fights was over; Anthony Rizzo picked up the team and started it all with a double in the 9th. Just like that we made up, and still in love.

Last night was one of the greatest moments of the 2016 season and probably a top 10 Cubs moment of my entire life. What I would envision getting engaged to feel like. Through the ups and the downs, we/I need to remember that the Cubs really do have our backs and are not trying to increase the sales of tissue boxes.

After 100 plus years without a World Series, a starting pitcher brought up from AAA the day before was the worst thing we have been through…wrong. Think back, Bartman still tops the list, Sammy’s corked bat, the billy goat, and losing four-straight to the Mets in the post season should still have caused more sleepless nights than last night.

So bring it on ABC, Hallmark, E! and all the other publications because there is no better movie or TV series than one based on the love of the best baseball team and sports community than the Cubs. If you think Fever Pitch had a good response, think again.

After all, it is the year of the CUB!

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