How Die Hard Chicagoans Survive Out of State

They say time flies when you’re having fun, and it does, but the classic phrase leaves out spending a lot of money, drinking excessive amounts of micro brews and above all else watching your favorite sports TV win in triple overtime. Oh wait, that is just Chicago teams. Now that is a recipe for fun.

As I started my daily routine, I logged onto Facebook  because that is the norm now-a-days. We all can’t wait to have a cup of coffee first thing in the morning to see if that kid you crushed on from high school liked your punny status from last night. Or if you are like me, make sure your liquid courage the night before didn’t get you into trouble. As I looked to see if I had any notifications, I realized my anniversary was coming up. Wow, it is hard to believe I’ve lived in Colorado for five-years.

I think back to when I packed my bags, wishing I had cuter clothes, remembering my Cubs hat sitting on the side table and who could forget those oh so emotional hugs goodbye. I’ll admit it, when I left I cried a lot. Mostly because I was saying goodbye to my family and my overly obese dog Jäger, but also a few tears as I accepted an inevitable change in what the local sports would be like.

Coming from Chicago, I knew it would be an adjustment. Over the last few years, I would like to think I have come to terms with Colorado’s coverage of Chicago teams. As I walk through downtown, it’s almost a guarantee to find a handful of Towes jerseys, a dash of Chelsea Dagger and maybe one or two Jake Arrietta shirts on game days. Let’s face it, Colorado has been taken over by Chicagoans.

This has its ups and downs. For those who live in another city that doesn’t have a professional team (or doesn’t have a winning team), I can imagine their employers are sick of them requesting time off for the playoffs. It was just the other day at work that my co-workers said Chicago fans are the worst, and we are. Because we are not going to apologize for the success of our teams and or stop bragging about them anytime soon.

For years, I stood by “my” teams through the ups and let’s be frank, it was more consistently downs, but I can proudly say I have never cheered on any team but my own. Except for the occasional hope that any opposing team would beat the Packers.

While there are fans like my own sister who became a White Sox fan in 2005,  there are those whom still call themselves Cubs fans but also wear Cardinals gear around me and we all can’t ignore those acquaintances that never wore, talked about or even acknowledged sports until hottie Kris Bryant stepped up to the plate. It is easy to pick out the bad eggs in the bunch. We can all recognize those who think Travis Wood is the same person as Kerry Wood, those who believed Will Ferrell was the real Harry Carey and above all else did not shed a tear when they heard about the passing of Mr. Cub.

Being a die hard Chicago fan isn’t always about the wins, though a couple here and there would be nice. Representing the Windy City outside the Land of Lincoln is about, but not limited to the to the rally cap, standing ovations and most importantly giving your team all its got until the last play, second or strike of the game.

Don’t be afraid to be the only one standing when Rizzo hits a home-run in a opposing stadium, or ask the fan next to you to take a picture of you as Chris Sale threw a no hitter. Be proud to bleed Cubbie blue and all the other colors of Chicago sports.

The Bulls will survive without Noah and Rose, the Bears will watch Cutler finish a game without one interception, the Hawks will hoist the cup again soon after the Cubs win their first World Series in over 100 years. If thats not possible until over 100 years, someone needs to figure out the path to immortality real quick because my dad is already getting pretty old.

With each passing season, I meet new friends at the bars sporting their favorite player all with the same love for the game. It does take some looking, and you will be drinking alone for a little bit, but when you are from Chicago, you never really feel alone when you have all your friends playing right in-front of you.

And remember, never loose hope in Chicago sports doing unthinkable.

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