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In Case You've Lost Count

In Case You've Lost Count
It has been forever since I’ve written, so I thought I’d take a minute to just put a little update out into the blogosphere. I have about four different “update” blogs sitting in my draft folder. But each time I started writing one, our family would change before I could finish it. Such is the... Read more »

That Time Canned Ravioli Helped My Adopted Kid Heal

This story is about that time canned ravioli helped my adopted kid heal. Allow me to explain … Our family eats mostly whole, organic foods, so canned raviolis have never crossed the threshold into our home. But last week after I said my goodnights and tucked the kids into bed, I sat enjoying a few peaceful... Read more »

Davion Only: Who's to blame for a failed adoption?

Teenager Davion Only made national news last year when he took to the pulpit and begged for a family to love him forever. Davion, born into foster care, had been bounced between group homes and foster families his whole life. After more than 10,000 people expressed interest in adopting Only, he was matched with a... Read more »