The Decisions That Changed My Life

The Decisions That Changed My Life

Decisions that changed my life for better or worse…

So, basically, every single decision I’ve ever made.

Mike suggested I write about the decision to do foster care.

“Too predictable,” I say.

He suggests writing about the decision to foster teenagers.

“Did that change my life for the better or for the worse?” I ask, in all seriousness. (Love you, teenagers. But you do give me wrinkles, and you know it.)

He suggests, “deciding to camp for recreation.” Which brings to mind that time we brought three cats, the youngest of whom was still being bottle-fed, on a tent-camping trip. I wish I was kidding. That would fall into the “worse” category. But they were super cute. Look at this! (Look closely, in front of the tent… two cats).


Here’s the baby cat. She was adorable, so you’ll want to see her:



Backpacking around Northern India? Not sure if it changed my life completely, but it was a great decision. However, drinking that “fresh mountain water” while I was there, was not.


Saying “yes” to this guy the night he popped the question. Definitely a “for the better” decision. (We took this “selfie” right after he asked. Be kind. “Selfies” weren’t a thing back then.)


Splurging on a last-minute engagement party with table service? “Better.” Waking up the next morning, hung over, to the realization that I tipped generously on an $800 bill … after the tip was already included? “For the worse.” But it was still worth it. (There are better pictures, but I didn’t have time to look for them. Damn blogpalooz-hour race against the clock!)


Jumping out of a plane? “Better.” But only because we all survived. Otherwise I’d probably say “Worse.”


Making babies? Definitely changed my life for the better. Although I wouldn’t recommend the 50-hour labor and pushing out a 10-pound baby. No, wait. That made me feel like a bad ass. So, yeah, I would recommend that.


Saying yes to the phone call to foster our first three little ones? Definitely for the better. But honestly it didn’t feel like it a lot of the time back then.


Watching our family grow and grow and grow again? Um, yes please!


My hour is running out and I wasted most of it lost in nostalgia looking at old pictures. But I’ve realized one thing … I’m a “yes” person. Growing up I was a nerd. My nose was always stuck in a book. I never took chances, and rarely stepped outside my comfort zone. That’s still how I see myself most of the time. But when I look back at my adulthood, I can see all the times I said yes – sometimes to crazy and outrageous situations. I’m not sure if any single one of those “yeses” changed the entire course of my life, but collectively they absolutely did. I’m so glad I learned to take risks.

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