My Tomorrow

After getting settled into the hospital room (again) I check Facebook in a spare moment to find that this month’s one-hour writing challenge has begun. I look at the topic, planning to sit this one out. But it’s too good. Too relevant to my life right now. The challenge is to write and post a blog within one hour about “…your tomorrow. Not figuratively, literally write about anything that you hope, fear, believe, expect — anything — that you may experience tomorrow.”

So here I sit, amidst the glow of the Navy Pier fireworks (the view is the only redeeming quality of being in this place) pecking out my blog post one finger tap at a time in my smartphone.

One of my kids has been in and out of the hospital for months now. It’s so draining. I’m exhausted. I held daycare today for seven children including my own. Usually my assistant helps but I had to send her to be with the kiddo in the hospital today so that I could keep my business running. So after wiping poopy butts (and walls – don’t ask), and cooking and cleaning for eight, and singing and storytelling and walks through the woods, I drove two and a half hours through rush hour traffic to be here with this little one, scarfing down fast food fries as I went, knowing room service would be closed by the time I arrived.

I know, I know, the prompt is about tomorrow. But it was easier to tell you about today. Because chances are that tomorrow will be almost identical. Unless it isn’t. It will start out differently. It will start out with a 5am drive back out of the city hoping I avoid enough traffic to open my home daycare doors at 7am as promised to my clients. But then it will be more poop and cooking and walks and storytelling. And probably more poop.

Mixed in will be multiple phone calls to caseworkers and worried birth parents and doctors and nurses.

In my free moments I’ll start packing up the belongings of one of our kiddos who will be moving out soon, headed to a permanent home. I’ll sort through clothes and personal belongings trying to decide what to send and what to keep as my own personal memento.

And I’ll start setting up for a new kid who will be joining us next week – a child who stayed with us once before and is in need of a home again for a short while. I’ll wash the sheets and make room in the drawers.

And then I’ll come back to the hospital.

And it’s 10:00 on the dot. So now I’m done.

This post is part of the ChicagNow Blogapalooz-Hour, in which the ChicagoNow bloggers are challenged to write and post a complete blog post about a given topic within one hour of finding out that topic. Although I managed to write this post within the allotted time, my phone didn’t allow me to post it. So I’m posting it the night after the fact. But I promise the post was written within the time frame given.

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