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MLB Player Tyson Ross- Won Over by a Pibble Smile

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Tyson Ross, San Diego Padres pitcher, is no stranger to fans approaching him after a game, but one night after a training session, Tyson fell for a special fan – a stray pit bull. Lots of people would have turned away. Stray animals aren’t uncommon – especially in warmer climates where people will simply dump... Read more »

Happy St. Pittie's Day! ADOPT

Happy St. Pittie's Day! ADOPT
You don’t have to be green with envy – adopt your very own companion. Your furever friend. A wiggly butt, sloppy kisses, and adoring glances every time you walk in the door. These three pups have all been waiting MONTHS to find their forever home. Please spread the word. Bully breeds get a bad rap.... Read more »

Walking Dead's Jon Bernthal is Breaking Pit Bull Stereotypes

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I love it when celebrities use their status to make a difference for animals. Well, Jon Bernthal from the Walking Dead just made a fan of me. In the last few decades, spay/neuter efforts have made a difference for animals across the country, but cats and pit bull-type breeds are still facing an uphill battle.... Read more »

Dog Would Have Saved Teen from Incarceration

This afternoon I stood before about a dozen teenage boys that are currently incarcerated in Cook County Juvenile Temporary Detention. It was the last day of our three-day program where we bring in dogs (three rescued pit bulls) to teach about empathy and compassion. We were summarizing the key messages and taking final questions. As... Read more »

Caring Community Saves Dog

Caring Community Saves Dog
This photo gallery tells the story of Lily, the sweet 3-legged pit bull who has already captured the hearts of many people in her short 3 years. Click through the album and read the captions below each image.